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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A comparative study of a direct discretization and an operator-splitting solver for population balance systemsAnker, Felix; Ganesan, Sashikumaar; John, Volker; Schmeyer, Ellen
2013Direct discretizations of bi-variate population balance systems with finite difference schemes of different orderJohn, Volker; Suciu, Carina
2021Error analysis of a SUPG-stabilized POD-ROM method for convection-diffusion-reaction equationsJohn, Volker; Moreau, Baptiste; Novo, Julia
2010Error analysis of the SUPG finite element disretization of evolutionary convection-diffusion-reaction equationsJohn, Volker; Novo, Julia
2020Existence of solutions of a finite element flux-corrected-transport schemeJohn, Volker; Knobloch, Petr
2015Finite element methods for the incompressible Stokes equations with variable viscosityJohn, Volker; Kaiser, Kristine; Novo, Julia
2019Finite element pressure stabilizations for incompressible flow problemsJohn, Volker; Knobloch, Petr; Wilbrandt, Ulrich
2017Finite elements for scalar convection-dominated equations and incompressible flow problems - A never ending story?John, Volker; Knobloch, Petr; Novo, Julia
2010Gekoppelte Simulation von Partikelpopulationen in turbulenten Strömungen : Verbundprojekt SimPaTurS ; Teilprojekt Turbulente Strömungen : SchlussberichtJohn, Volker; Suciu, Carina
2015Grad-div stabilization for the evolutionary Oseen problem with inf-sup stable finite elementsFrutos, Javier de; García-Archilla, Bosco; John, Volker; Novo, Julia
2012A local projection stabilization finite element method with nonlinear crosswind diffusion for convection-diffusion-reaction equationsBarrenechea, Gabriel R.; John, Volker; Knobloch, Petr
2016A local projection stabilization/continuous Galerkin-Petrov method for incompressible flow problemsAhmed, Naveed; John, Volker; Matthies, Gunar; Novo, Julia
2011Measurement and simulation of a droplet population in a turbulent flow fieldBordás, Robert; John, Volker; Schmeyer, Ellen; Thévenin, Domnique
2013A numerical investigation of velocity-pressure reduced order models for incompressible flowsCaiazzo, Alfonso; Iliescu, Traian; John, Volker; Schyschlowa, Swetlana
2011A numerical method for the simulation of an aggregation-driven population balance systemHackbusch, Wolfgang; John, Volker; Khachatryan, Aram; Suciu, Carina
2012Numerical methods for the simulation of an aggregation-driven droplet size distributionBordás, Robert; John, Volker; Schmeyer, Ellen; Thévenin, Dominique
2014Numerical simulations and measurements of a droplet size distribution in a turbulent vortex streetSchmeyer, Ellen; Bordás, Róbert; Thévenin, Dominique; John, Volker
2011On (essentially) non-oscillatory discretizations of evolutionary convection-diffusion equationsJohn, Volker; Novo, Julia
2022On a technique for reducing spurious oscillations in DG solutions of convection-diffusion equationsFrerichs-Mihov, Derk; John, Volker
2018On basic iteration schemes for nonlinear AFC discretizationsJha, Abhinav; John, Volker