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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Aerosol number-size distributions during clear and fog periods in the summer high Arctic: 1991, 1996 and 2001Heintzenberg, Jost; Leck, Caroline; Birmili, Wolfram; Wehner, Birgit; Tjernström, Michael; Wiedensohler, Alfred
2020Aerosol pollution maps and trends over Germany with hourly data at four rural background stations from 2009 to 2018Heintzenberg, Jost; Birmili, Wolfram; Hellack, Bryan; Spindler, Gerald; Tuch, Thomas; Wiedensohler, Alfred
2017Arctic haze over Central EuropeHeintzenberg, Jost; Tuch, Thomas; Wehner, Birgit; Wiedensohler, Alfred; Wex, Heike; Ansmann, Albert; Mattis, Ina; Müller, Detlef; Wendisch, Manfred; Eckhardt, Sabine; Stohl, Andreas
2017The atmospheric aerosol over Siberia, as seen from the 300 m ZOTTO towerHeintzenberg, Jost; Birmili, Wolfram; Theiss, Detlef; Kisilyakhov, Yegor
2017How to find bananas in the atmospheric aerosol': New approach for analyzing atmospheric nucleation and growth eventsHeintzenberg, Jost; Wehner, Birgit; Birmili, Wolfram
2013Mapping the aerosol over Eurasia from the Zotino tall towerHeintzenberg, Jost; Birmili, Wolfram; Seifert, Patric; Panov, Alexey; Chi, Xuguang; Andreae, Meinrat O.
2013Marine nanogels as a source of atmospheric nanoparticles in the high ArcticKarl, Matthias; Leck, Caroline; Coz, Esther; Heintzenberg, Jost
2017Near-global aerosol mapping in the upper troposphere and lowermost stratosphere with data from the CARIBIC projectHeintzenberg, Jost; Hermann, Markus; Weigelt, Andreas; Kapustin, Vladimir; Anderson, Bruce; Thornhill, Kenneth; Van Velthoven, Peter; Zahn, Andreas; Brenninkmeijer, Carl
2017Occurrence of an ultrafine particle mode less than 20 nm in diameter in the marine boundary layer during Arctic summer and autumnWiedensohler, Alfred; Covert, David S.; Swietlicki, Erik; Aalto, Pasi; Heintzenberg, Jost; Leck, Caroline
2016An optical particle size spectrometer for aircraft-borne measurements in IAGOS-CARIBICHermann, Markus; Weigelt, Andreas; Assmann, Denise; Pfeifer, Sascha; Müller, Thomas; Conrath, Thomas; Voigtländer, Jens; Heintzenberg, Jost; Wiedensohler, Alfred; Martinsson, Bengt G.; Deshler, Terry; Brenninkmeijer, Carl A.M.; Zahn, Andreas
2016An overview of the ACE-2 clear sky column closure experiment (CLEARCOLUMN)Russell, Philip B.; Heintzenberg, Jost
2011Saharan Mineral Dust Experiments SAMUM-1 and SAMUM-2: What have we learned?Ansmann, Albert; Petzold, Andreas; Kandler, Konrad; Tegen, Ina; Wendisch, Manfred; Müller, Detlef; Weinzierl, Bernadett; Müller, Thomas; Heintzenberg, Jost
2017Short-term variations in atmospheric CO2 at Ny-Ålesund, Spitsbergen, during spring and summerEngardt, Magnuz; Holmén, Kim; Heintzenberg, Jost
2017Structure, variability and persistence of the submicrometre marine aerosolHeintzenberg, Jost; Birmili, Wolfram; Wiedensohler, Alfred; Nowak, Andreas; Tuch, Thomas