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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009An anisotropic, inhomogeneous, elastically modified Gibbs-Thomson law as singular limit of a diffuse interface modelGarcke, Harald; Kraus, Christiane
2010Asymptotic analysis for Korteweg modelsDreyer, Wolfgang; Giesselmann, Jan; Kraus, Christiane; Rohde, Christiane
2008Bernstein-Walsh type theorems for real analytic functions in several variablesKraus, Christiane
2012Complete damage in linear elastic materials : modeling, weak formulation and existence resultsHeinemann, Christian; Kraus, Christiane
2013A compressible mixture model with phase transitionDreyer, Wolfgang; Giesselmann, Jan; Kraus, Christiane
2010The degenerate and non-degenerate Stefan problem with inhomogeneous and anisotropic Gibbs-Thomson lawKraus, Christiane
2012A degenerating Cahn-Hilliard system coupled with complete damage processesHeinemann, Christian; Kraus, Christiane
2012A diffuse interface model for quasi-incrompressible flows : sharp interface limits and numericsAki, Gonca; Daube, Johannes; Dreyer, Wolfgang; Giesselmann, Jan; Kränkel, Mirko; Kraus, Christiane
2007The equilibria of vapour-liquid systems revisitedDreyer, Wolfgang; Kraus, Christiane
2013Existence of weak solutions for a hyperbolic-parabolic phase field system with mixed boundary conditions on non-smooth domainsHeinemann, Christian; Kraus, Christiane
2014Existence of weak solutions for a PDE system describing phase separation and damage processes including inertial effectsHeinemann, Christian; Kraus, Christiane
2010Existence of weak solutions for Cahn-Hilliard systems coupled with elasticity and damageHeinemann, Christian; Kraus, Christiane
2016Existence of weak solutions for the Cahn-Hilliard reaction model including elastic effects and damageKraus, Christiane; Roggensack, Arne
2010Existence results for diffuse interface models describing phase separation and damageHeinemann, Christian; Kraus, Christiane
2008Interface conditions for limits of the Navier-Stokes-Korteweg modelHermsdörfer, Katharina; Kraus, Christiane; Kröner, Dietmar
2006Maximal convergence theorems for functions of squared modulus holomorphic type and various applicationsKraus, Christiane
2013Modeling and analysis of a phase field system for damage and phase separation processes in solidsBonetti, Elena; Heinemann, Christian; Kraus, Christiane; Segatti, Antonio
2016Modeling and simulation of non-isothermal rate-dependent damage processes in inhomogeneous materials using the phase-field approachKraus, Christiane; Radszuweit, Markus
2014Modelling compressible electrolytes with phase transitionDreyer, Wolfgang; Giesselmann, Jan; Kraus, Christiane
2019Pressure reconstruction for weak solutions of the two-phase incompressible Navier--Stokes equations with surface tensionAbels, Helmut; Daube, Johannes; Kraus, Christiane