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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Curled cation structures accelerate the dynamics of ionic liquidsRauber, Daniel; Philippi, Frederik; Kuttich, Björn; Becker, Julian; Kraus, Tobias; Hunt, Patricia; Welton, Tom; Hempelmann, Rolf; Kay, Christopher W.M.
2022Dynamic Light Scattering on Nanoparticles in Microgravity in a Drop TowerPyttlik, Andrea; Kuttich, Björn; Kraus, Tobias
2020Ether functionalisation, ion conformation and the optimisation of macroscopic properties in ionic liquidsPhilippi, Frederik; Rauber, Daniel; Kuttich, Björn; Kraus, Tobias; Kay, Christopher W.M.; Hempelmann, Rolf; Hunt, Patricia A.; Welton, Tom
2021Hybrid Dielectric Films of Inkjet-Printable Core-Shell NanoparticlesBuchheit, Roman; Kuttich, Björn; González-García, Lola; Kraus, Tobias
2022Microgravity Removes Reaction Limits from Nonpolar Nanoparticle AgglomerationPyttlik, Andrea; Kuttich, Björn; Kraus, Tobias
2022Nanoscale Faceting and Ligand Shell Structure Dominate the Self-Assembly of Nonpolar Nanoparticles into SuperlatticesBo, Arixin; Liu, Yawei; Kuttich, Björn; Kraus, Tobias; Widmer-Cooper, Asaph; de Jonge, Niels
2021Percolation of rigid fractal carbon black aggregatesCoupette, Fabian; Zhang, Long; Kuttich, Björn; Chumakov, Andrei; Roth, Stephan V.; González-García, Lola; Kraus, Tobias; Schilling, Tanja
2021Reversible magnetism switching of iron oxide nanoparticle dispersions by controlled agglomerationMüssig, Stephan; Kuttich, Björn; Fidler, Florian; Haddad, Daniel; Wintzheimer, Susanne; Kraus, Tobias; Mandel, Karl