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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Extremely well isolated two-dimensional spin-1/2 antiferromagnetic Heisenberg layers with a small exchange coupling in the molecular-based magnet CuPOFOpherden, D.; Nizar, N.; Richardson, K.; Monroe, J.C.; Turnbull, M.M.; Polson, M.; Vela, S.; Blackmore, W.J.A.; Goddard, P.A.; Singleton, J.; Choi, E.S.; Xia, F.; Williams, R.C.; Lancaster, T.; Pratt, F.L.; Blundell, S.J.; Skourski, Y.; Uhlarz, M.; Ponomaryov, A.N.; Zvyagin, S.A.; Wosnitza, J.; Baenitz, M.; Heinmaa, I.; Stern, R.; Kühne, H.; Landee, C.P.
2020Low-index quantum-barrier single-pass tapered semiconductor optical amplifiers for efficient coherent beam combiningAlbrodt, P.; Niemeyer, M.; Elattar, M.; Hamperl, J.; Blume, G.; Ginolas, A.; Fricke, J.; Maaßdorf, A.; Georges, P.; Lucas-Leclin, G.; Paschke, K.; Crump, P.
2020Towards a reliable bridge joint between REBCO coated conductorsKirchner, A.; Nielsch, K.; Hühne, R.
2021Evidence for a percolative Mott insulator-metal transition in doped Sr2IrO4Sun, Zhixiang; Guevara, Jose M.; Sykora, Steffen; Pärschke, Ekaterina M.; Manna, Kaustuv; Maljuk, Andrey; Wurmehl, Sabine; van den Brink, Jeroen; Büchner, Bernd; Hess, Christian
2020Performance limits of astronomical arrayed waveguide gratings on a silica platformStoll, Andreas; Madhav, Kalaga; Roth, Martin
2020Spectromicroscopic measurements of electronic structure variations in atomically thin WSe2Klaproth, T.; Habenicht, C.; Schuster, R.; Büchner, B.; Knupfer, M.; Koitzsch, A.
2020Detection of antiskyrmions by topological Hall effect in Heusler compoundsKumar, Vivek; Kumar, Nitesh; Reehuis, Manfred; Gayles, Jacob; Sukhanov, A.S.; Hoser, Andreas; Damay, Françoise; Shekhar, Chandra; Adler, Peter; Felser, Claudia
2020Electron microscopy of nanoparticle superlattice formation at a solid-liquid interface in nonpolar liquidsCepeda-Perez, E.; Doblas, D.; Kraus, T.; de Jonge, N.
2020High-brightness broad-area diode lasers with enhanced self-aligned lateral structureElatta, M.; Brox, O.; Della Casa, P.; Maaßdorf, A.; Martin, D.; Wenzel, H.; Knigge, A.; Crump, P.
2020Valence effect on the thermopower of Eu systemsStockert, U.; Seiro, S.; Seiro, S.; Caroca-Canales, N.; Hassinger, E.; Hassinger, E.; Geibel, C.