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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Plasma medical oncology: Immunological interpretation of head and neck squamous cell carcinomaWitzke, Katharina; Seebauer, Christian; Jesse, Katja; Kwiatek, Elisa; Berner, Julia; Semmler, Marie‐Luise; Boeckmann, Lars; Emmert, Steffen; Weltmann, Klaus‐Dieter; Metelmann, Hans‐Robert; Bekeschus, Sander
2019White paper on plasma for medicine and hygiene: Future in plasma health sciencesBekeschus, Sander; Favia, Pietro; Robert, Eric; von Woedtke, Thomas
2020Risk Evaluation of EMT and Inflammation in Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Cells Following Plasma TreatmentFreund, Eric; Spadola, Chiara; Schmidt, Anke; Privat-Maldonado, Angela; Bogaerts, Annemie; Woedtke, Thomas von; Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter; Heidecke, Claus-Dieter; Partecke, Lars-Ivo; Käding, André; Bekeschus, Sander
2021Zebrafish larvae as a toxicity model in plasma medicineGandhirajan, Rajesh K.; Endlich, Nicole; Bekeschus, Sander
2020Identification of two kinase inhibitors with synergistic toxicity with low-dose hydrogen peroxide in colorectal cancer cells in vitroFreund, Eric; Liedtke, Kim-Rouven; Miebach, Lea; Wende, Kristian; Heidecke, Amanda; Kaushik, Nagendra Kumar; Choi, Eun Ha; Partecke, Lars-Ivo; Bekeschus, Sander
2020Plasma treatment limits cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma development in vitro and in vivoPasqual-Melo, Gabriella; Nascimento, Thiago; Sanches, Larissa Juliani; Blegniski, Fernanda Paschoal; Bianchi, Julya Karen; Sagwal, Sanjeev Kumar; Berner, Julia; Schmidt, Anke; Emmert, Steffen; Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter; Woedtke, Thomas von; Gandhirajan, Rajesh Kumar; Cecchini, Alessandra Lourenço; Bekeschus, Sander
2019Elevated H2AX Phosphorylation Observed with kINPen Plasma Treatment Is Not Caused by ROS-Mediated DNA Damage but Is the Consequence of ApoptosisBekeschus, Sander; Schütz, Clarissa S.; Nießner, Felix; Wende, Kristian; Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter; Gelbrich, Nadine; von Woedtke, Thomas; Schmidt, Anke; Stope, Matthias B.
2019ROS from Physical Plasmas: Redox Chemistry for Biomedical TherapyPrivat-Maldonado, Angela; Schmidt, Anke; Lin, Abraham; Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter; Wende, Kristian; Bogaerts, Annemie; Bekeschus, Sander
2019Can the effect of cold physical plasma-derived oxidants be transported via thiol group oxidation?Heusler, Thea; Bruno, Giuliana; Bekeschus, Sander; Lackmann, Jan-Wilm; Woedtke, Thomas von; Wende, Kristian
2019Risk assessment of kINPen plasma treatment of four human pancreatic cancer cell lines with respect to metastasisBekeschus, Sander; Freund, Eric; Spadola, Chiara; Privat-Maldonado, Angela; Hackbarth, Christine; Bogaerts, Annemie; Schmidt, Anke; Wende, Kristian; Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter; Woedtke, Thomas von; Heidecke, Claus-Dieter; Partecke, Lars-Ivo; Käding, André