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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Metastability for discontinuous dynamical systems under Lévy noise: Case study on Amazonian VegetationSerdukova, L.; Zheng, Y.; Duan, J.; Kurths, J.
2017A regime shift in the Sun-Climate connection with the end of the Medieval Climate AnomalySmirnov, D.A.; Breitenbach, S.F.M.; Feulner, G.; Lechleitner, F.A.; Prufer, K.M.; Baldini, J.U.L.; Marwan, N.; Kurths, J.
2014Regional and inter-regional effects in evolving climate networksHlinka, J.; Hartman, D.; Jajcay, N.; Vejmelka, M.; Donner, R.; Marwan, N.; Kurths, J.; Paluš, M.
2014Characterizing the evolution of climate networksTupikina, L.; Rehfeld, K.; Molkenthin, N.; Stolbova, V.; Marwan, N.; Kurths, J.
2012Complete synchronization of chaotic atmospheric models by connecting only a subset of state spaceHiemstra, P.H.; Fujiwara, N.; Selten, F.M.; Kurths, J.
2014Testing the detectability of spatio-temporal climate transitions from paleoclimate networks with the start modelRehfeld, K.; Molkenthin, N.; Kurths, J.
2017A matrix clustering method to explore patterns of land-cover transitions in satellite-derived maps of the Brazilian AmazonMüller-Hansen, F.; Cardoso, M.F.; Dalla-Nora, E.L.; Donges, J.F.; Heitzig, J.; Kurths, J.; Thonicke, K.
2014Correlations between climate network and relief dataPeron, T.K.D.; Comin, C.H.; Amancio, D.R.; Da F. Costa, L.; Rodrigues, F.A.; Kurths, J.
2015An integrative quantifier of multistability in complex systems based on ecological resilienceMitra, C.; Kurths, J.; Donner, R.V.
2014Long-term changes in the north-south asymmetry of solar activity: A nonlinear dynamics characterization using visibility graphsZou, Y.; Donner, R.V.; Marwan, N.; Small, M.; Kurths, J.