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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Electrocatalytic fuel cell desalination for continuous energy and freshwater generationZhang, Yuan; Wang, Lei; Presser, Volker
2016Improved Capacitive Deionization Performance of Mixed Hydrophobic / Hydrophilic Activated Carbon ElectrodesAslan, Mesut; Zeiger, Marco; Jäckel, Nicolas; Grobelsek, Ingrid; Weingarth, Daniel; Presser, Volker
2015Heat-to-current conversion of low-grade heat from a thermocapacitive cycle by supercapacitorsHärtel, Andreas; Janssen, Mathijs; Weingarth, Daniel; Presser, Volker; van Roij, Rene
2014In situ measurements with CPC micro-actuators using SEMKaasik, Friedrich; Must, Indrek; Lust, Enn; Jürgens, Meelis; Presser, Volker; Punning, Andres; Temmer, Rauno; Kiefer, Rudolf; Aabloo, Alvo
2015Comment on "Sponge-templated preparation of high surface area graphene with ultrahigh capacitive deionization performance"Porada, Slawomir; Biesheuvel, P.M.; Presser, Volker
2015New insights into the structure of nanoporous carbons from NMR, Raman, and pair distribution function analysisForse, Alexander C.; Merlet, Céline; Allan, Phoebe K.; Humphreys, Elizabeth K.; Griffin, John M.; Aslan, Mesut; Zeiger, Marco; Presser, Volker; Gogotsi, Yury; Grey, Clare P.
2015Electrospinning of ultrafine metal oxide / carbon and metal carbide / carbon nanocomposite fibersAtchison, Jennifer; Zeiger, Marco; Tolosa, Aura; Funke, Lena M.; Jäckel, Nicolas; Presser, Volker
2020Persistent and reversible solid iodine electrodeposition in nanoporous carbonsPrehal, Christian; Fitzek, Harald; Kothleitner, Gerad; Presser, Volker; Gollas, Bernhard; Freunberger, Stefan A.; Abbas, Qamar
2019Reduced Faradaic Contributions and Fast Charging of Nanoporous Carbon Electrodes in a Concentrated Sodium Nitrate Aqueous Electrolyte for SupercapacitorsAbbas, Qamar; Gollas, Bernhard; Presser, Volker
2020Hybrid Anodes of Lithium Titanium Oxide and Carbon Onions for Lithium‐Ion and Sodium‐Ion Energy StorageShim, Hwirim; Arnold, Stefanie; Budak, Öznil; Ulbricht, Maike; Srimuk, Pattarachai; Presser, Volker