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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Measuring and monitoring urban impacts on climate change from spaceMilesi, Cristina; Churkina, Galina
2020Impacts of Climate Change on theWater Resources of the Kunduz River Basin, AfghanistanAkhundzadah, Noor Ahmad; Soltani, Salim; Aich, Valentin
2016Interglacials of the last 800,000 yearsBerger, B.; Crucifix, M.; Hodell, D.A.; Mangili, C.; McManus, J.F.; Otto-Bliesner, B.; Pol, K.; Raynaud, D.; Skinner, L.C.; Tzedakis, P.C.; Wolff, E.W.; Yin, Q.Z.; Abe-Ouchi, A.; Barbante, C.; Brovkin, V.; Cacho, I.; Capron, E.; Ferretti, P.; Ganopolski, A.; Grimalt, J.O.; Hönisch, B.; Kawamura, K.A.; Landais, A.; Margari, V.; Martrat, B.; Masson-Delmotte, V.; Mokeddem, Z.; Parrenin, F.; Prokopenko, A.A.; Rashid, H.; Schulz, M.; Vazquez Riveiros, N.
2012Using Meta-Analysis and GIS for Value Transfer and Scaling Up: Valuing Climate Change Induced Losses of European WetlandsBrander, L.M.; Bräuer, I.; Gerdes, H.; Ghermandi, A.; Kuik, O.; Markandya, A.; Navrud, S.; Nunes, P.A.L.D.; Schaafsma, M.; Vos, H.; Wagtendonk, A.
2020Understanding adaptive capacity of smallholder African indigenous vegetable farmers to climate change in KenyaChepkoech, Winifred; Mungai, Nancy W.; Stöber, Silke; Lotze-Campen, Hermann
2020Historical and future changes in global flood magnitude - evidence from a model-observation investigationDo, Hong Xuan; Zhao, Fang; Westra, Seth; Leonard, Michael; Gudmundsson, Lukas; Boulange, Julien Eric Stanislas; Chang, Jinfeng; Ciais, Philippe; Gerten, Dieter; Gosling, Simon N.; Müller Schmied, Hannes; Stacke, Tobias; Telteu, Camelia-Eliza; Wada, Yoshihide
2021Resolving ecological feedbacks on the ocean carbon sink in Earth system modelsArmstrong McKay, David I.; Cornell, Sarah E.; Richardson, Katherine; Rockström, Johan
2008Stern's Review and Adam's fallacyJaeger, C.; Schellnhuber, H.J.; Brovkin, V.
2020“Surface,” “satellite” or “simulation”: Mapping intra-urban microclimate variability in a desert cityZhou, Bin; Kaplan, Shai; Peeters, Aviva; Kloog, Itai; Erell, Evyatar
2020Future Changes in Euro-Mediterranean Daytime Severe Thunderstorm Environments Based on an RCP8.5 Med-CORDEX SimulationKahraman, Abdullah; Ural, Deniz; Önol, Barış