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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Solid-state ensemble of highly entangled photon sources at rubidium atomic transitionsKeil, R.; Zopf, M.; Chen, Y.; Höfer, B.; Zhang, J.; Ding, F.; Schmidt, O.G.
2011X-ray nanodiffraction on a single SiGe quantum dot inside a functioning field-effect transistorHrauda, N.; Zhang, J.; Wintersberger, E.; Etzelstorfer, T.; Mandl, B.; Stangl, J.; Carbone, D.; Holý, V.; Jovanović, V.; Biasotto, C.; Nanver, L.K.; Moers, J.; Grützmacher, D.; Bauer, G.
2017Single molecule magnet with an unpaired electron trapped between two lanthanide ions inside a fullereneLiu, F.; Krylov, D.S.; Spree, L.; Avdoshenko, S.M.; Samoylova, N.A.; Rosenkranz, M.; Kostanyan, A.; Greber, T.; Wolter, A.U.B.; Büchner, B.; Popov, A.A.
2019Promoting abnormal grain growth in Fe-based shape memory alloys through compositional adjustmentsVollmer, M.; Arold, T.; Kriegel, M.J.; Klemm, V.; Degener, S.; Freudenberger, J.; Niendorf, T.
2019Fiber-array-based Raman hyperspectral imaging for simultaneous chemical selective monitoring of particle size and shape of active ingredients in analgesic tabletsFrosch, Timea; Wyrwich, Elisabeth; Yan, Di; Popp, Jürgen; Frosch, Torsten
2018Multi-static spatial and angular studies of polar mesospheric summer echoes combining MAARSY and KAIRAChau, J.L.; McKay, D.; Vierinen, J.P.; La Hoz, C.; Ulich, T.; Lehtinen, M.; Latteck, R.
2018Variability of black carbon mass concentrations, sub-micrometer particle number concentrations and size distributions: results of the German Ultrafine Aerosol Network ranging from city street to High Alpine locationsSun, J.; Birmili, W.; Hermann, M.; Tuch, T.; Weinhold, K.; Spindler, G.; Schladitz, A.; Bastian, S.; Löschau, G.; Cyrys, J.; Gu, J.; Flentje, H.; Briel, B.; Asbac, C.; Kaminski, H.; Ries, L.; Sohme, R.; Gerwig, H.; Wirtz, K.; Meinhardt, F.; Schwerin, A.; Bath, O.; Ma, N.; Wiedensohler, A.
2010On microphysical processes of noctilucent clouds (NLC): Observations and modeling of mean and width of the particle size-distributionBaumgarten, G.; Fiedler, J.; Rapp, M.
2018Do new sea spray aerosol source functions improve the results of a regional aerosol model?Barthel, Stefan; Tegen, Ina; Wolke, Ralf
2014Interaction between immobilized polyelectrolyte complex nanoparticles and human mesenchymal stromal cellsWoltmann, B.; Torger, B.; Müller, M.; Hempel, U.