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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Fibre optic sensing system for monitoring of current collectors and overhead contact lines of railwaysSchröder, Kerstin; Rothhardt, Manfred; Ecke, Wolfgang; Richter, Uwe; Sonntag, André; Bartelt, Hartmut
2017Germania and alumina dopant diffusion and viscous flow effects at preparation of doped optical fibersKobelke, Jens; Schuster, Kay; Bierlich, Jörg; Unger, Sonja; Schwuchow, Anka; Elsmann, Tino; Dellith, Jan; Aichele, Claudia; Fatobene Ando, Ron; Bartelt, Hartmut
2020Giant refractometric sensitivity by combining extreme optical Vernier effect and modal interferenceGomes, André D.; Kobelke, Jens; Bierlich, Jörg; Dellith, Jan; Rothhardt, Manfred; Bartelt, Hartmut; Frazão, Orlando
2017Independently tunable dual-wavelength fiber oscillator with synchronized pulsed emission based on a theta ring cavity and a fiber Bragg grating arrayTiess, Tobias; Becker, Martin; Rothhardt, Manfred; Bartelt, Hartmut; Jäger, Matthias
2019Intra-cavity measurement concept of dispersion properties with a tunable fiber-integrated laserTiess, Tobias; Hartung, Alexander; Becker, Martin; Chojetzki, Christoph; Rothhardt, Manfred; Bartelt, Hartmut; Jäger, Matthias
2019Multimode Fabry-Perot Interferometer Probe based on Vernier Effect for Enhanced Temperature SensingGomes, André D.; Becker, Martin; Dellith, Jan; Zibaii, Mohammad Ismail; Latifi, Hamid; Rothhardt, Manfred; Bartelt, Hartmut; Frazão, Orlando
2019Optical Harmonic Vernier Effect: A New Tool for High Performance Interferometric Fiber SensorsGomes, André D.; Ferreira, Marta S.; Bierlich, Jörg; Kobelke, Jens; Rothhardt, Manfred; Bartelt, Hartmut; Frazão, Orlando
2021Optical Vernier Effect: Recent Advances and DevelopmentsGomes, André D.; Bartelt, Hartmut; Frazão, Orlando
2020Plasma-based VAD process for multiply doped glass powders and high-performance fiber preforms with outstanding homogeneityTrautvetter, Tom; Schäfer, Jan; Benzine, Omar; Methling, Ralf; Baierl, Hardy; Reichel, Volker; Dellith, Jan; Köpp, Daniel; Hempel, Frank; Stankov, Marjan; Baeva, Margarita; Foest, Rüdiger; Wondraczek, Lothar; Wondraczek, Katrin; Bartelt, Hartmut
2018Yb-doped large mode area fiber for beam quality improvement using local adiabatic tapers with reduced dopant diffusionZhu, Yuan; Leich, Martin; Lorenz, Martin; Eschrich, Tina; Aichele, Claudia; Kobelke, Jens; Bartelt, Hartmut; Jäger, Matthias