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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessing inter-sectoral climate change risks: The role of ISIMIPRosenzweig, Cynthia; Arnell, Nigel W.; Ebi, Kristie L.; Lotze-Campen, Hermann; Raes, Frank; Rapley, Chris; Smith, Mark Stafford; Cramer, Wolfgang; Frieler, Katja; Reyer, Christopher P.O.; Schewe, Jacob; van Vuuren, Detlef; Warszawski, Lila
2016Deforestation in Amazonia impacts riverine carbon dynamicsLangerwisch, Fanny; Walz, Ariane; Rammig, Anja; Tietjen, Britta; Thonicke, Kirsten; Cramer, Wolfgang
2012Extreme fire events are related to previous-year surface moisture conditions in permafrost-underlain larch forests of SiberiaForkel, Matthias; Thonicke, Kirsten; Beer, Christian; Cramer, Wolfgang; Bartalev, Sergey; Schmullius, Christiane
2013A novel probabilistic risk analysis to determine the vulnerability of ecosystems to extreme climatic eventsvan Oijen, Marcel; Beer, Christian; Cramer, Wolfgang; Rammig, Anja; Reichstein, Markus; Rolinski, Susanne; Soussana, Jean-Francois
2013Spatial decoupling of agricultural production and consumption: Quantifying dependences of countries on food imports due to domestic land and water constraintsFader, Marianela; Gerten, Dieter; Krause, Michael; Lucht, Wolfgang; Cramer, Wolfgang
2006Terrestrial vegetation redistribution and carbon balance under climate changeLucht, Wolfgang; Schaphoff, Sibyll; Erbrecht, Tim; Heyder, Ursula; Cramer, Wolfgang
1999Wirkung von Klimaänderungen auf Vegetation: Entwicklung eines allgemeinen Modells für die Klimafolgenforschung : AbschlußberichtCramer, Wolfgang