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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Aqueous Black Colloids of Reticular Nanostructured GoldStanca, S.E.; Fritzsche, W.; Dellith, J.; Froehlich, F.; Undisz, A.; Deckert, V.; Krafft, C.; Popp, J.
2017Chemical and electrochemical synthesis of platinum blackStanca, S.E.; Hänschke, F.; Ihring, A.; Zieger, G.; Dellith, J.; Kessler, E.; Meyer, H.-G.
2016A classical description of subnanometer resolution by atomic features in metallic structuresTrautmann, S.; Aizpurua, J.; Götz, I.; Undisz, A.; Dellith, J.; Schneidewind, H.; Rettenmayr, M.; Deckert, V.
2020Increased static dielectric constant in ZnMnO and ZnCoO thin films with bound magnetic polaronsVegesna, S.V.; Bhat, V.J.; Bürger, D.; Dellith, J.; Skorupa, I.; Schmidt, O.G.; Schmidt, H.
2020Influence of process parameters on the incorporation of phosphorus into silica soot material during MCVD processLindner, F.; Kriltz, A.; Scheffel, A.; Dellith, A.; Dellith, J.; Wondraczek, K.; Bartelt, H.
2014Measuring conditions for second order X-ray Bragg-spectrometryDellith, J.; Scheffel, A.; Wendt, M.
2012Nanoscopic tip sensors fabricated by gas phase etching of optical glass fibersBierlich, J.; Kobelke, J.; Brand, D.; Kirsch, K.; Dellith, J.; Bartelt, H.
2017Optical assets of in situ electro-assembled platinum black nanolayersStanca, S.E.; Hänschke, F.; Zieger, G.; Dellith, J.; Ihring, A.; Undisz, A.; Meyer, H.-G.
2018Plasmon response evaluation based on image-derived arbitrary nanostructuresTrautmann, S.; Richard-Lacroix, M.; Dathe, A.; Schneidewind, H.; Dellith, J.; Fritzsche, W.; Deckert, V.
2015Plasticity, crack initiation and defect resistance in alkali-borosilicate glasses: From normal to anomalous behaviorLimbach, R.; Winterstein-Beckmann, A.; Dellith, J.; Möncke, D.; Wondraczek, L.
2018Silicon Powder-Based Wafers for Low-Cost Photovoltaics: Laser Treatments and Nanowire EtchingJia, G.; Plentz, J.; Gawlik, A.; Azar, A.S.; Stokkan, G.; Syvertsen, M.; Carvalho, P.A.; Dellith, J.; Dellith, A.; Andrä, G.; Ulyashin, A.
2012Superconductivity in multi-phase Mg-B-O compoundsPrikhna, T.; Gawalek, W.; Eisterer, M.; Weber, H.W.; Noudem, J.; Sokolovsky, V.; Chaud, X.; Moshchil, V.; Karpets, M.; Kovylaev, V.; Borimskiy, A.; Tkach, V.; Kozyrev, A.; Kuznietsov, R.; Dellith, J.; Shmidt, C.; Basyuk, T.; Litzkendorf, D.; Karau, F.; Dittrich, U.; Tomsic, M.