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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Analysing the requirements for an Open Research Knowledge Graph: use cases, quality requirements, and construction strategiesBrack, Arthur; Hoppe, Anett; Stocker, Markus; Auer, Sören; Ewerth, Ralph
2017“Are machines better than humans in image tagging?” - A user study adds to the puzzleEwerth, Ralph; Springstein, Matthias; Phan-Vogtmann, Lo An; Schütze, Juliane
2022B!SON: A Tool for Open Access Journal RecommendationEntrup, Elias; Eppelin, Anita; Ewerth, Ralph; Hartwig, Josephine; Tullney, Marco; Wohlgemuth, Michael; Hoppe, Anett; Nugent, Ronan
2020Check square at CheckThat! 2020: Claim Detection in Social Media via Fusion of Transformer and Syntactic FeaturesCheema, Gullasl S.; Hakimov, Sherzod; Ewerth, Ralph; Cappellato, Linda; Eickhoff, Carsten; Ferro, Nicola; Névéol, Aurélie
2020Classification of important segments in educational videos using multimodal featuresGhauri, Junaid Ahmed; Hakimov, Sherzod; Ewerth, Ralph; Conrad, Stefan; Tiddi, Ilaria
2021Combining Textual Features for the Detection of Hateful and Offensive LanguageHakimov, Sherzod; Ewerth, Ralph; Mehta, Parth; Mandl, Thomas; Majumder, Prasenjit; Mitra, Mandar
2020Domain-Independent Extraction of Scientific Concepts from Research ArticlesBrack, Arthur; D'Souza, Jennifer; Hoppe, Anett; Auer, Sören; Ewerth, Ralph; Jose, Joemon M.; Yilmaz, Emine; Magalhães, João; Castells, Pablo; Ferro, Nicola; Silva, Mário J.; Martins, Flávio
2017Estimating the information gap between textual and visual representationsHenning, Christian; Ewerth, Ralph
2021A Fair and Comprehensive Comparison of Multimodal Tweet Sentiment Analysis MethodsCheema, Gullal S.; Hakimov, Sherzod; Müller-Budack, Eric; Ewerth, Ralph
2020A Feature Analysis for Multimodal News RetrievalTahmasebzadeh, Golsa; Hakimov, Sherzod; Müller-Budack, Eric; Ewerth, Ralph
2021A Multimodal Approach for Semantic Patent Image RetrievalPustu-Iren, Kader; Bruns, Gerrit; Ewerth, Ralph
2021Multimodal news analytics using measures of cross-modal entity and context consistencyMüller-Budack, Eric; Theiner, Jonas; Diering, Sebastian; Idahl, Maximilian; Hakimov, Sherzod; Ewerth, Ralph
2016On the effects of spam filtering and incremental learning for web-supervised visual concept classificationSpringstein , Matthias; Ewerth, Ralph
2021On the Impact of Features and Classifiers for Measuring Knowledge Gain during Web Search - A Case StudyGritz, Wolfgang; Hoppe, Anett; Ewerth, Ralph; Cong, Gao; Ramanath, Maya
2021On the Role of Images for Analyzing Claims in Social MediaCheema, Gullal S.; Hakimov, Sherzod; Müller-Budack, Eric; Ewerth, Ralph
2020A Recommender System For Open Educational Videos Based On Skill RequirementsTavakoli, Mohammadreza; Hakimov, Sherzod; Ewerth, Ralph; Kismihók, Gábor
2020Requirements Analysis for an Open Research Knowledge GraphBrack, Arthur; Hoppe, Anett; Stocker, Markus; Auer, Sören; Ewerth, Ralph; Hall, Mark; Merčun, Tanja; Risse, Thomas; Duchateau, Fabien
2021A Review on Recent Advances in Video-based Learning Research: Video Features, Interaction, Tools, and TechnologiesNavarrete, Evelyn; Hoppe, Anett; Ewerth, Ralph; Cong, Gao; Ramanath, Maya
2022The Search as Learning Spaceship: Toward a Comprehensive Model of Psychological and Technological Facets of Search as Learningvon Hoyer, Johannes; Hoppe, Anett; Kammerer, Yvonne; Otto, Christian; Pardi, Georg; Rokicki, Markus; Yu, Ran; Dietze, Stefan; Ewerth, Ralph; Holtz, Peter
2016Semi-supervised identification of rarely appearing persons in video by correcting weak labelsMüller, Eric; Otto, Christian; Ewerth, Ralph