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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Asymmetry and uncertainties in biogeophysical climate-vegetation feedback over a range of CO2 forcingsWilleit, M.; Ganopolski, A.; Feulner, G.
2008Climatic response to anthropogenic sulphate aerosols versus well-mixed greenhouse gases from 1850 to 2000 AD in CLIMBER-2Bauer, E.; Petoukhov, V.; Ganopolski, A.; Eliseev, A.V.
2015Coupled Northern Hemisphere permafrost-ice-sheet evolution over the last glacial cycleWilleit, M.; Ganopolski, A.
2010An efficient regional energy-moisture balance model for simulation of the Greenland Ice Sheet response to climate changeRobinson, A.; Calov, R.; Ganopolski, A.
2012Glacial CO 2 cycle as a succession of key physical and biogeochemical processesBrovkin, V.; Ganopolski, A.; Archer, D.; Munhoven, G.
2011Greenland ice sheet model parameters constrained using simulations of the Eemian InterglacialRobinson, A.; Calov, R.; Ganopolski, A.
2011Heinrich event 1: An example of dynamical ice-sheet reaction to oceanic changesÁlvarez-Solas, J.; Montoya, M.; Ritz, C.; Ramstein, G.; Charbit, S.; Dumas, C.; Nisancioglu, K.; Dokken, T.; Ganopolski, A.
2016Interglacials of the last 800,000 yearsBerger, B.; Crucifix, M.; Hodell, D.A.; Mangili, C.; McManus, J.F.; Otto-Bliesner, B.; Pol, K.; Raynaud, D.; Skinner, L.C.; Tzedakis, P.C.; Wolff, E.W.; Yin, Q.Z.; Abe-Ouchi, A.; Barbante, C.; Brovkin, V.; Cacho, I.; Capron, E.; Ferretti, P.; Ganopolski, A.; Grimalt, J.O.; Hönisch, B.; Kawamura, K.A.; Landais, A.; Margari, V.; Martrat, B.; Masson-Delmotte, V.; Mokeddem, Z.; Parrenin, F.; Prokopenko, A.A.; Rashid, H.; Schulz, M.; Vazquez Riveiros, N.
2009Mechanisms and time scales of glacial inception simulated with an Earth system model of intermediate complexityCalov, R.; Ganopolski, A.; Kubatzki, C.; Claussen, M.
2019Mid-Pleistocene transition in glacial cycles explained by declining CO2 and regolith removalWilleit, M.; Ganopolski, A.; Calov, R.; Brovkin, V.
2017MIS-11 duration key to disappearance of the Greenland ice sheetRobinson, A.; Alvarez-Solas, J.; Calov, R.; Ganopolski, A.; Montoya, M.
2009Modeling sensitivity study of the possible impact of snow and glaciers developing over Tibetan Plateau on Holocene African-Asian summer monsoon climateJin, L.; Peng, Y.; Chen, F.; Ganopolski, A.
2007The modern and glacial overturning circulation in the Atlantic ocean in PMIP coupled model simulationsWeber, S.L.; Drijfhout, S.S.; Abe-Ouchi, A.; Crucifix, M.; Eby, M.; Ganopolski, A.; Murakami, S.; Otto-Bliesner, B.; Peltier, W.R.
2013On the effect of orbital forcing on mid-Pliocene climate, vegetation and ice sheetsWilleit, M.; Ganopolski, A.; Feulner, G.
2005Quantifying the effect of vegetation dynamics on the climate of the last glacial maximumJahn, A.; Claussen, M.; Ganopolski, A.; Brovkin, V.
2011The role of orbital forcing, carbon dioxide and regolith in 100 kyr glacial cyclesGanopolski, A.; Calov, R.
2014Sensitivity simulations with direct shortwave radiative forcing by aeolian dust during glacial cyclesBauer, E.; Ganopolski, A.
2007A simple conceptual model of abrupt glacial climate eventsBraun, H.; Ganopolski, A.; Christl, M.; Chialvo, D.R.
2015Simulating the Greenland ice sheet under present-day and palaeo constraints including a new discharge parameterizationCalov, R.; Robinson, A.; Perrette, M.; Ganopolski, A.
2010Simulation of the last glacial cycle with a coupled climate ice-sheet model of intermediate complexityGanopolski, A.; Calov, R.; Claussen, M.