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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Comparative study of sculptured metallic thin films deposited by oblique angle deposition at different temperaturesLiedtke, Susann; Grüner, Christoph; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Rauschenbach, Bernd
2016Crystallization of Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films by nano- and femtosecond single laser pulse irradiationSun, Xinxing; Ehrhardt, Martin; Lotnyk, Andriy; Lorenz, Pierre; Thelander, Erik; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Smausz, Tomi; Decker, Ulrich; Rauschenbach, Bernd
2020Depth-Resolved Phase Analysis of Expanded Austenite Formed in Austenitic Stainless SteelManova, Darina; Schlenz, Patrick; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Mändl, Stephan
2018Detection of small bunches of ions using image chargesRäcke, Paul; Spemann, Daniel; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Rauschenbach, Bernd; Meijer, Jan
2019Influence of substrate dimensionality on the growth mode of epitaxial 3D-bonded GeTe thin films: From 3D to 2D growthHilmi, Isom; Lotnyk, Andriy; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Schumacher, Philipp; Rauschenbach, Bernd
2017-6-23Ion Beam Assisted Deposition of Thin Epitaxial GaN FilmsRauschenbach, Bernd; Lotnyk, Andriy; Neumann, Lena; Poppitz, David; Gerlach, Jürgen W.
2020Molecular Beam Epitaxy Growth and Characterization of Germanium-Doped Cubic AlxGa1−xNDeppe, Michael; Henksmeier, Tobias; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Reuter, Dirk; As, Donat J.
2020Nanoscale ion implantation using focussed highly charged ionsRäcke, Paul; Wunderlich, Ralf; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Meijer, Jan; Spemann, Daniel
2012Oberflächenchemie nano- und mikrodimensionaler Materialien und Werkstoffe : Schlussbericht zum Vorhaben ; Laufzeit: 01.09.2008 bis 31.01.2012Rauschenbach, Bernd; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Hirsch, Dietmar; Mändl, Stephan; Arnold, Th.; Mießler, André; Prager, Lutz; Prager, Andrea; Elsner, Christian; Reichelt, Senta; Pender, Alya
2017Research Update: Van-der-Waals epitaxy of layered chalcogenide Sb2Te3 thin films grown by pulsed laser depositionHilmi, Isom; Lotnyk, Andriy; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Schumacher, Philipp; Rauschenbach, Bernd
2021Role of Reaction Intermediate Diffusion on the Performance of Platinum Electrodes in Solid Acid Fuel CellsLorenz, Oliver; Kühne, Alexander; Rudolph, Martin; Diyatmika, Wahyu; Prager, Andrea; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Griebel, Jan; Winkler, Sara; Lotnyk, Andriy; Anders, André; Abel, Bernd
2020Structural Transitions in Ge2Sb2Te5 Phase Change Memory Thin Films Induced by Nanosecond UV Optical PulsesBehrens, Mario; Lotnyk, Andriy; Bryja, Hagen; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Rauschenbach, Bernd