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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Attractor properties for irreversible and reversible interacting particle systemsJahnel, Benedikt; Külske, Christof
2018Disruptive events in high-density cellular networksKeeler, Paul; Jahnel, Benedikt; Maye, Oliver; Aschenbach, Daniel; Brzozowski, Marcin
2019Exponential moments for planar tessellationsTóbiás, András; Jahnel, Benedikt
2018Extremal decomposition for random Gibbs measuresCotar, Codina; Jahnel, Benedikt; Külske, Christof
2017Gibbsian representation for point processes via hyperedge potentialsJahnel, Benedikt; Külske, Christof
2017Large deviations for the capacity in dynamic spatial relay networksHirsch, Christian; Jahnel, Benedikt
2018Percolation for D2D networks on street systemsCali, Elie; En-Najjari, Taoufik; Gafur, Nila Novita; Hirsch, Christian; Jahnel, Benedikt; Patterson, Robert I.A.
2018Phase transitions for a model with uncountable spin space on the Cayley tree: The general caseBotirov, Golibjon; Jahnel, Benedikt
2015Sharp thresholds for Gibbs-non-Gibbs transition in the fuzzy Potts models with a Kac-type interactionJahnel, Benedikt; Külske, Christof
2016Space-time large deviations in capacity-constrained relay networksHirsch, Christian; Jahnel, Benedikt; Patterson, Robert
2018The typical cell in anisotropic tessellationsHirsch, Christian; Jahnel, Benedikt; Hinsen, Alexander; Cali, Elie
2016The Widom-Rowlinson model under spin flip: Immediate loss and sharp recovery of quasilocalityJahnel, Benedikt; Külske, Christof