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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Extracting Topics from Open Educational ResourcesMolavi, Mohammadreza; Tavakoli, Mohammadreza; Kismihók, Gábor
2020Labour Market Information Driven, Personalized, OER Recommendation System for Lifelong LearnersTavakoli, Mohammadreza; Mol, Stefan; Kismihók, Gábor; Lane, H. Chad; Zvacek, Susan; Uhomoibhi, James
2020A multi-method psychometric assessment of the affinity for technology interaction (ATI) scaleLezhnina, Olga; Kismihók, Gábor
2020OER Recommendations to Support Career DevelopmentTavakoli, Mohammadreza; Faraji, Ali; Mol, Stefan T.; Kismihók, Gábor
2020Quality Prediction of Open Educational Resources A Metadata-based ApproachTavakoli, Mohammadreza; Elias, Mirette; Kismihók, Gábor; Auer, Sören; Chang, Maiga; Sampson, Demetrios G.; Huang, Ronghuai; Hooshyar, Danial; Chen, Nian-Shing; Kinshuk; Pedaste, Margus
2020A Recommender System For Open Educational Videos Based On Skill RequirementsTavakoli, Mohammadreza; Hakimov, Sherzod; Ewerth, Ralph; Kismihók, Gábor
2020Translating the Concept of Goal Setting into Practice: What ‘else’ Does It Require than a Goal Setting Tool?Kismihók, Gábor; Zhao, Catherine; Schippers, Michaéla; Mol, Stefan; Harrison, Scott; Shehata, Shady; Lane, H. Chad; Zvacek, Susan; Uhomoibhi, James
2020XEL Group Learning – A Socio-technical Framework for Self-regulated LearningEid, Shereif; Kismihók, Gábor; Lane, H. Chad; Zvacek, Susan; Uhomoibhi, James