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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Advancing environmental intelligence through novel approaches in soft bioinspired robotics and allied technologies: I-Seed project position paper for Environmental Intelligence in EuropeMazzolai, Barbara; Kraus, Tobias; Pirrone, Nicola; Kooistra, Lammert; De Simone, Antonio; Cottin, Antoine; Margheri, Laura
2015Ageing of alkylthiol-stabilized gold nanoparticlesLacava, Johann; Weber, Anika; Kraus, Tobias
2022A block copolymer templated approach for the preparation of nanoporous polymer structures and cellulose fiber hybrids by ozone treatmentGemmer, Lea; Hu, Qiwei; Niebuur, Bart-Jan; Kraus, Tobias; Balzer, Bizan N.; Gallei, Markus
2021Colloidal Analysis of Particles Extracted from Microalloyed SteelsHegetschweiler, Andreas; Jochem, Aljosha-Rakim; Zimmermann, Anna; Walter, Johannes; Staudt, Thorsten; Kraus, Tobias
2021Computational design and optimization of electro-physiological sensorsNittala, Aditya Shekhar; Karrenbauer, Andreas; Khan, Arshad; Kraus, Tobias; Steimle, Jürgen
2021Curled cation structures accelerate the dynamics of ionic liquidsRauber, Daniel; Philippi, Frederik; Kuttich, Björn; Becker, Julian; Kraus, Tobias; Hunt, Patricia; Welton, Tom; Hempelmann, Rolf; Kay, Christopher W.M.
2015Dense arrays of uniform submicron pores in silicon and their applicationsBrodoceanu, Daniel; Elnathan, Roey; Prieto-Simón, Beatriz; Delalat, Bahman; Guinan, Taryn M.; Kroner, Elmar Karsten; Voelcker, Nicolas H.; Kraus, Tobias
2022Dynamic Light Scattering on Nanoparticles in Microgravity in a Drop TowerPyttlik, Andrea; Kuttich, Björn; Kraus, Tobias
2020Ether functionalisation, ion conformation and the optimisation of macroscopic properties in ionic liquidsPhilippi, Frederik; Rauber, Daniel; Kuttich, Björn; Kraus, Tobias; Kay, Christopher W.M.; Hempelmann, Rolf; Hunt, Patricia A.; Welton, Tom
2013Fabrication of metal nanoparticle arrays by controlled decomposition of polymer particlesBrodoceanu, Daniel; Fang, Cheng; Voelcker, Nicolas Hans; Bauer, Christina T.; Wonn, Anne; Kroner, Elmar; Arzt, Eduard; Kraus, Tobias
2016Fabrication of silicon nanowire arrays by near-field laser ablation and metal-assisted chemical etchingBrodoceanu, Daniel; Alhmoud, Hashim Z.; Elnathan, Roey; Delalat, Bahman; Voelcker, Nicolas H.; Kraus, Tobias
2022Flexible and transparent electrodes imprinted from Au nanowires: stability and ageingEngel, Lukas F.; González-García, Lola; Kraus, Tobias
2022Flexible and transparent electrodes imprinted from metal nanostructures: morphology and opto-electronic performanceEngel, Lukas F.; González-García, Lola; Kraus, Tobias
2015Formation mechanism for stable hybrid clusters of proteins and nanoparticlesMoerz, Sebastian T.; Kraegeloh, Annette; Chanana, Munish; Kraus, Tobias
2021Hybrid Dielectric Films of Inkjet-Printable Core-Shell NanoparticlesBuchheit, Roman; Kuttich, Björn; González-García, Lola; Kraus, Tobias
2020Influence of core size and capping ligand of gold nanoparticles on the desorption/ionization efficiency of small biomolecules in AP‐SALDI‐MSLiu, Zhen; Zhang, Peng; Pyttlik, Andrea; Kraus, Tobias; Volmer, Dietrich A.
2015Maximizing transfection efficiency of vertically aligned silicon nanowire arraysElnathan, Roey; Delalat, Bahman; Brodoceanu, Daniel; Alhoud, Hashim; Harding, Frances J.; Buehler, Katrin; Nelson, Adrienne; Isa, Lucio; Kraus, Tobias; Voelcker, Nicolas H.
2011Mechanism and determinants of nanoparticle penetration through human skinKraus, Tobias; Labouta, Hagar I.; El-Khordagui, Labiba K.; Schneider, Marc
2022Microgravity Removes Reaction Limits from Nonpolar Nanoparticle AgglomerationPyttlik, Andrea; Kuttich, Björn; Kraus, Tobias
2022Microscopic Softening Mechanisms of an Ionic Liquid Additive in an Electrically Conductive Carbon-Silicone CompositeZhang, Long; Schmidt, Dominik S.; González‐García, Lola; Kraus, Tobias