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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Adaptation required to preserve future high-end river flood risk at present levelsWillner, S.N.; Levermann, A.; Zhao, F.; Frieler, K.
2011Climate change under a scenario near 1.5° C of global warming: Monsoon intensification, ocean warming and steric sea level riseSchewe, J.; Levermann, A.; Meinshausen, M.
2013Consistent increase in Indian monsoon rainfall and its variability across CMIP-5 modelsMenon, A.; Levermann, A.; Schewe, J.; Lehmann, J.; Frieler, K.
2012A critical humidity threshold for monsoon transitionsSchewe, J.; Levermann, A.; Cheng, H.
2016Delaying future sea-level rise by storing water in AntarcticaFrieler, K.; Mengel, M.; Levermann, A.
2011Emulating Atlantic overturning strength for low emission scenarios: Consequences for sea-level rise along the North American east coastSchleussner, C.F.; Frieler, K.; Meinshausen, M.; Yin, J.; Levermann, A.
2012Enhanced Atlantic subpolar gyre variability through baroclinic threshold in a coarse resolution modelMengel, M.; Levermann, A.; Schleussner, C.-F.; Born, A.
2012Estimating the near-surface permafrost-carbon feedback on global warmingSchneider von Deimling, T.; Meinshausen, M.; Levermann, A.; Huber, V.; Frieler, K.; Lawrence, D.M.; Brovkin, V.
2014Fracture-induced softening for large-scale ice dynamicsAlbrecht, T.; Levermann, A.
2015A framework for the cross-sectoral integration of multi-model impact projections: Land use decisions under climate impacts uncertaintiesFrieler, K.; Levermann, A.; Elliott, J.; Heinke, J.; Arneth, A.; Bierkens, M.F.P.; Ciais, P.; Clark, D.B.; Deryng, D.; Döll, P.; Falloon, P.; Fekete, B.; Folberth, C.; Friend, A.D.; Gellhorn, C.; Gosling, S.N.; Haddeland, I.; Khabarov, N.; Lomas, M.; Masaki, Y.; Nishina, K.; Neumann, K.; Oki, T.; Pavlick, R.; Ruane, A.C.; Schmid, E.; Schmitz, C.; Stacke, T.; Stehfest, E.; Tang, Q.; Wisser, D.; Huber, V.; Piontek, F.; Warszawski, L.; Schewe, J.; Lotze-Campen, H.; Schellnhuber, H.J.
2014Future changes in extratropical storm tracks and baroclinicity under climate changeLehmann, J.; Coumou, D.; Frieler, K.; Eliseev, A.V.; Levermann, A.
2022A High-End Estimate of Sea Level Rise for Practitionersvan de Wal, R.S.W.; Nicholls, R J.; Behar, D.; McInnes, K.; Stammer, D.; Lowe, J.A.; Church, J.A.; DeConto, R.; Fettweis, X.; Goelzer, H.; Haasnoot, M.; Haigh, I.D.; Hinkel, J.; Horton, B.P.; James, T.S.; Jenkins, A.; LeCozannet, G.; Levermann, A.; Lipscomb, W.H.; Marzeion, B.; Pattyn, F.; Payne, A.J.; Pfeffer, W.T.; Price, S.F.; Seroussi, H.; Sun, S.; Veatch, W.; White, K.
2015Interaction of marine ice-sheet instabilities in two drainage basins: Simple scaling of geometry and transition timeFeldmann, J.; Levermann, A.
2012Kinematic first-order calving law implies potential for abrupt ice-shelf retreatLevermann, A.; Albrecht, T.; Winkelmann, R.; Martin, M.A.; Haseloff, M.; Joughin, I.
2014Mechanism for potential strengthening of Atlantic overturning prior to collapseEhlert, D.; Levermann, A.
2011Parameterization for subgrid-scale motion of ice-shelf calving frontsAlbrecht, T.; Martin, M.; Haseloff, M.; Winkelmann, R.; Levermann, A.
2011The Potsdam Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM-PIK) - Part 1: Model descriptionWinkelmann, R.; Martin, M.A.; Haseloff, M.; Albrecht, T.; Bueler, E.; Khroulev, C.; Levermann, A.
2011The Potsdam Parallel Ice Sheet Model (PISM-PIK) - Part 2: Dynamic equilibrium simulation of the Antarctic ice sheetMartin, M.A.; Winkelmann, R.; Haseloff, M.; Albrecht, T.; Bueler, E.; Khroulev, C.; Levermann, A.
2014Projecting Antarctic ice discharge using response functions from SeaRISE ice-sheet modelsLevermann, A.; Winkelmann, R.; Nowicki, S.; Fastook, J.L.; Frieler, K.; Greve, R.; Hellmer, H.H.; Martin, M.A.; Meinshausen, M.; Mengel, M.; Payne, A.J.; Pollard, D.; Sato, T.; Timmermann, R.; Wang, W.L.; Bindschadler, R.A.
2014The role of the North Atlantic overturning and deep ocean for multi-decadal global-mean-temperature variabilitySchleussner, C.F.; Runge, J.; Lehmann, J.; Levermann, A.