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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Biaxially Textured Titanium Thin Films by Oblique Angle Deposition: Conditions and Growth MechanismsLiedtke-Grüner, Susann; Grüner, Christoph; Lotnyk, Andriy; Gerlach, Juergen W.; Rauschenbach, Bernd
2021Compositional Patterning in Carbon Implanted Titania NanotubesKupferer, Astrid; Holm, Alexander; Lotnyk, Andriy; Mändl, Stephan; Mayr, Stefan G.
2020Conversion of p–n conduction type by spinodal decomposition in Zn-Sb-Bi phase-change alloysWang, Guoxiang; Shi, Haizhou; Lotnyk, Andriy; Shi, Daotian; Wang, Rongping
2016Crystallization of Ge2Sb2Te5 thin films by nano- and femtosecond single laser pulse irradiationSun, Xinxing; Ehrhardt, Martin; Lotnyk, Andriy; Lorenz, Pierre; Thelander, Erik; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Smausz, Tomi; Decker, Ulrich; Rauschenbach, Bernd
2019Influence of substrate dimensionality on the growth mode of epitaxial 3D-bonded GeTe thin films: From 3D to 2D growthHilmi, Isom; Lotnyk, Andriy; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Schumacher, Philipp; Rauschenbach, Bernd
2017-6-23Ion Beam Assisted Deposition of Thin Epitaxial GaN FilmsRauschenbach, Bernd; Lotnyk, Andriy; Neumann, Lena; Poppitz, David; Gerlach, Jürgen W.
2016Local atomic arrangements and lattice distortions in layered Ge-Sb-Te crystal structuresLotnyk, Andriy; Ross, Ulrich; Bernütz, Sabine; Thelander, Erik; Rauschenbach, Bernd
2020Phase and grain size engineering in Ge-Sb-Te-O by alloying with La-Sr-Mn-O towards improved material propertiesKraft, Nikolas; Wang, Guoxiang; Bryja, Hagen; Prager, Andrea; Griebel, Jan; Lotnyk, Andriy
2017Research Update: Van-der-Waals epitaxy of layered chalcogenide Sb2Te3 thin films grown by pulsed laser depositionHilmi, Isom; Lotnyk, Andriy; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Schumacher, Philipp; Rauschenbach, Bernd
2021Role of Reaction Intermediate Diffusion on the Performance of Platinum Electrodes in Solid Acid Fuel CellsLorenz, Oliver; Kühne, Alexander; Rudolph, Martin; Diyatmika, Wahyu; Prager, Andrea; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Griebel, Jan; Winkler, Sara; Lotnyk, Andriy; Anders, André; Abel, Bernd
2015Room temperature synthesis of an amorphous MoS2 based composite stabilized by N-donor ligands and its light-driven photocatalytic hydrogen productionNiefind, Felix; Djamil, John; Bensch, Wolfgang; Srinivasan, Bikshandarkoil R.; Sinev, Ilya; Grünert, Wolfgang; Deng, Mao; Kienle, Lorenz; Lotnyk, Andriy; Mesch, Maria B.; Senker, Jürgen; Dura, Laura; Beweries, Torsten
2021Strongly enhanced and tunable photovoltaic effect in ferroelectric-paraelectric superlatticesYun, Yeseul; Mühlenbein, Lutz; Knoche, David S.; Lotnyk, Andriy; Bhatnagar, Akash
2020Structural Transitions in Ge2Sb2Te5 Phase Change Memory Thin Films Induced by Nanosecond UV Optical PulsesBehrens, Mario; Lotnyk, Andriy; Bryja, Hagen; Gerlach, Jürgen W.; Rauschenbach, Bernd