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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Airborne spectral radiation measurements to derive solar radiative forcing of Saharan dust mixed with biomass burning smoke particlesBauer, S.; Bierwirth, E.; Esselborn, M.; Petzold, A.; Macke, A.; Trautmann, T.; Wendisch, M.
2012Effect of wind speed on aerosol optical depth over remote oceans, based on data from the Maritime Aerosol NetworkSmirnov, A.; Sayer, A.M.; Holben, B.N.; Hsu, N.C.; Sakerin, S.M.; Macke, A.; Nelson, N.B.; Courcoux, Y.; Smyth, T.J.; Croot, P.; Quinn, P.K.; Sciare, J.; Gulev, S.K.; Piketh, S.; Losno, R.; Kinne, S.; Radionov, V.F.
2012Evaluation of the shortwave cloud radiative effect over the ocean by use of ship and satellite observationsHanschmann, T.; Deneke, H.; Roebeling, R.; Macke, A.
2020Local and Remote Controls on Arctic Mixed-Layer EvolutionNeggers, R.A.J.; Chylik, J.; Egerer, U.; Griesche, H.; Schemann, V.; Seifert, P.; Siebert, H.; Macke, A.
2011Maritime aerosol network as a component of AERONET - First results and comparison with global aerosol models and satellite retrievalsSmirnov, A.; Holben, B.N.; Giles, D.M.; Slutsker, I.; O'Neill, N.T.; Eck, T.F.; Macke, A.; Croot, P.; Courcoux, Y.; Sakerin, S.M.; Smyth, T.J.; Zielinski, T.; Zibordi, G.; Goes, J.I.; Harvey, M.J.; Quinn, P.K.; Nelson, N.B.; Radionov, V.F.; Duarte, C.M.; Losno, R.; Sciare, J.; Voss, K.J.; Kinne, S.; Nalli, N.R.; Joseph, E.; Krishna Moorthy, K.; Covert, D.S.; Gulev, S.K.; Milinevsky, G.; Larouche, P.; Belanger, S.; Horne, E.; Chin, M.; Remer, L.A.; Kahn, R.A.; Reid, J.S.; Schulz, M.; Heald, C.L.; Zhang, J.; Lapina, K.; Kleidman, R.G.; Griesfeller, J.; Gaitley, B.J.; Tan, Q.; Diehl, T.L.
2012Modeling of wave-induced irradiance variability in the upper ocean mixed layerHieronymi, M.; Macke, A.; Zielinski, O.
2012On the influence of wind and waves on underwater irradiance fluctuationsHieronymi, M.; Macke, A.
2014Overview: Tropospheric profiling: State of the art and future challenges - Introduction to the AMT special issueCimini, D.; Rizi, V.; Di Girolamo, P.; Marzano, F.S.; Macke, A.; Pappalardo, G.; Richter, A.
2012Radiative budget and cloud radiative effect over the Atlantic from ship-based observationsKalisch, J.; Macke, A.
2010Radiative effects of the cloudy atmosphere from ground and satellite based observationsMacke, A.; Kalisch, J.; Zoll, Y.; Bumke, K.
2018Ship-borne aerosol profiling with lidar over the Atlantic Ocean: From pure marine conditions to complex dust-smoke mixturesBohlmann, S.; Baars, H.; Radenz, M.; Engelmann, R.; Macke, A.