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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015An adaptive multi level Monte-Carlo method with stochastic bounds for quantities of interest in groundwater flow with uncertain dataEigel, Martin; Merdon, Christian; Neumann, Johannes
2013Aspects of quaranteed error control in CPDEsCarstensen, Carsten; Merdon, Christian; Neumann, Johannes
2016Divergence-free reconstruction operators for pressure-robust Stokes discretizations with continuous pressure finite elementsLederer, Philip L.; Linke, Alexander; Merdon, Christian; Schöberl, Joachim
2020Divergence-preserving reconstructions on polygons and a really pressure-robust virtual element method for the Stokes problemFrerichs, Derk; Merdon, Christian
2019A gradient-robust well-balanced scheme for the compressible isothermal Stokes problemAkbas, Mine; Gallouët, Thierry; Gaßmann, Almut; Linke, Alexander; Merdon, Christian
2014Guaranteed energy error estimators for a modified robust Crouzeix-Raviart Stokes elementLinke, Alexander; Merdon, Christian
2015Guaranteed error control for the pseudostress approximation of the Stokes equationsBringmann, Philipp; Carstensen, Carsten; Merdon, Christian
2020Guaranteed upper bounds for the velocity error of pressure-robust Stokes discretisationsLederer, Philip Lukas; Merdon, Christian
2015Inverse modeling of thin layer flow cells for detection of solubility, transport and reaction coefficients from experimental dataFuhrmann, Jürgen; Linke, Alexander; Merdon, Christian; Neumann, Felix; Streckenbach, Timo; Baltruschat, Helmut; Khodayari, Mehdi
2014Local equilibration error estimators for guaranteed error control in adaptive stochastic higher-order Galerkin FEMEigel, Martin; Merdon, Christian
2020A nonconforming pressure-robust finite element method for the Stokes equations on anisotropic meshesApel, Thomas; Kempf, Volker; Linke, Alexander; Merdon, Christian
2017On really locking-free mixed finite element methods for the transient incompressible Stokes equationsAhmed, Naveed; Linke, Alexander; Merdon, Christian
2015On spurious oscillations due to irrotational forces in the Navier-Stokes momentum balanceLinke, Alexander; Merdon, Christian
2015On the divergence constraint in mixed finite element methods for incompressible flowsJohn, Volker; Linke, Alexander; Merdon, Christian; Neilan, Michael; Rebholz, Leo G.
2015Optimal L2 velocity error estimate for a modified pressure-robust Crouzeix-Raviart Stokes elementLinke, Alexander; Merdon, Christian; Wollner, Winnifried
2020A pressure-robust discretization of Oseen's equation using stabilization in the vorticity equationAhmed, Naveed; Barrenechea, Gabriel R.; Burman, Erik; Guzmán, Johnny; Linke, Alexander; Merdon, Christian
2016Pressure-robustness and discrete Helmholtz projectors in mixed finite element methods for the incompressible Navier-Stokes equationsLinke, Alexander; Merdon, Christian
2022Pressure-robustness in the context of optimal controlMerdon, Christian; Wollner, Winnifried
2017Quasi-optimality of a pressure-robust nonconforming finite element method for the Stokes problemLinke, Alexander; Merdon, Christian; Neilan, Michael; Neumann, Felix
2017Refined a posteriori error estimation for classical and pressure-robust Stokes finite element methodsLederer, Philip Lukas; Merdon, Christian; Schöberl, Joachim