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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013The Cayley transform applied to non-interacting quantum transport : dedicated to the memory of Markus Büttiker (1950-2013)Cornean, Horia D.; Neidhardt, Hagen; Wilhelm, Lukas; Zagrebnov, Valentin A.
2006Classical solutions of drift-diffusion equations for semiconductor devices: the 2D caseKaiser, Hans-Christian; Neidhardt, Hagen; Rehberg, Joachim; Gajewski, Herbert; Gröger, Konrad; Zacharias, Klaus
2016Convergence rate estimates for Trotter product approximations of solution operators for non-autonomous Cauchy problemsNeidhardt, Hagen; Stephan, Artur; Zagrebnov, Valentin A.
2007The effect of time-dependent coupling on non-equilibirum steady statesCornean, Horia D.; Neidhardt, Hagen; Zagrebnov, Valentin A.
2008Evanescent channels and scattering in cylindrical nanowire heterostructuresRacec, Paul N.; Racec, Roxana; Neidhardt, Hagen
2009Finite rank perturbations, scattering matrices and inverse problems : dedicated to the memory of our friend Peter Jonas (18.7.1941 - 18.7.2007)Behrndt, Jussi; Malamud, Mark M.; Neidhardt, Hagen; Jonas, Peter
2008A Kohn-Sham system at zero temperatureCornean, Horia; Hoke, Kurt; Neidhardt, Hagen; Racec, Paul Nicolae; Rehberg, Joachim
2007Linear non-autonomous Cauchy problems and evolution semigroupsNeidhardt, Hagen; Zagrebnov, Valentin A.
2007Monotonicity properties of the quantum mechanical particle densityKaiser, Hans-Christoph; Neidhardt, Hagen; Rehberg, Joachim
2013A new model for quantum dot light emitting-absorbing devices : dedicated to the memory of Pierre DuclosNeidhardt, Hagen; Wilhelm, Lukas; Zagrebnov, Valentin A.; Duclos, Pierre
2014On the spectrum of the lattice spin-boson Hamiltonian for any coupling: 1D caseMuminov, Mukhiddin; Neidhardt, Hagen; Rasulov, Tulkin
2009On the unitary equivalence of absolutely continuous parts of self-adjoint extensions : dedicated to the memory of M. S. BirmanMalamud, Mark M.; Neidhardt, Hagen; Birman, M.S.
2013Perturbation determinants for singular perturbationsMalamud, Mark M.; Neidhardt, Hagen
2014Point contacts and boundary triplesLotoreichik, Vladimir; Neidhardt, Hagen; Popov, Igor Yu.
2009R-matrix formalism for electron scattering in two dimensionsRacec, Paul N.; Racec, Roxana; Neidhardt, Hagen
2006Scattering matrices and Weyl functionsBehrndt, Jussi; Malamud, Mark M.; Neidhardt, Hagen
2006Scattering theory for open quantum systemsBehrndt, Jussi; Malamud, Mark M.; Neidhardt, Hagen; Exner, Pavel
2011Sturm-Liouville boundary value problems with operator potentials and unitary equivalenceMalamud, Mark; Neidhardt, Hagen
2007Trace formulae for dissipative and coupled scattering systemsBehrndt, Jussi; Malamud, Mark; Neidhardt, Hagen
2014Trace formulas for singular perturbationsMalamud, Mark; Neidhardt, Hagen