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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Desert dust aerosol air mass mapping in the western Sahara, using particle properties derived from space-based multi-angle imagingKahn, Ralph; Petzold, Andreas; Wendisch, Manfred; Bierwirth, Eike; Dinter, Tilman; Esselborn, Michael; Fiebig, Marcus; Heese, Birgit; Knippertz, Peter; Müller, Detlef; Schladitz, Alexander; Von Hoyningen-HUENE, Wolfgang
2017Dust mobilization and transport in the northern Sahara during SAMUM 2006 - A meteorological overviewKnippertz, Peter; Ansmann, Albert; Althausen, Dietrich; Müller, Detlef; Tesche, Matthias; Bierwirth, Eike; Dinter, Tilman; Müller, Thomas; Von Hoyningen-Huene, Wolfgang; Schepanski, Kerstin; Wendisch, Manfred; Heinold, Bernd; Kandler, Konrad; Petzold, Andreas; Tegen, Ina
2015Global-scale atmosphere monitoring by in-service aircraft – current achievements and future prospects of the European Research Infrastructure IAGOSPetzold, Andreas; Thouret, Valerie; Gerbig, Christoph; Zahn, Andreas; Brenninkmeijer, Carl A.M.; Gallagher, Martin; Hermann, Markus; Pontaud, Marc; Ziereis, Helmut; Boulanger, Damien; Marshall, Julia; Nédélec, Philippe; Smit, Herman G.J.; Friess, Udo; Flaud, Jean-Marie; Wahner, Andreas; Cammas, Jean-Pierre; Volz-Thomas, Andreas
2017Microphysical and optical properties of dust and tropical biomass burning aerosol layers in the Cape Verde region - an overview of the airborne in situ and lidar measurements during SAMUM-2Weinzierl, Bernadett; Sauer, Daniel; Esselborn, Michael; Petzold, Andreas; Veira, Andreas; Rose, Maximilian; Mund, Susanne; Wirth, Martin; Ansmann, Albert; Tesche, Matthias; Gross, Silke; Freudenthaler, Volker
2017Optical and microphysical properties of smoke over Cape Verde inferred from multiwavelength lidar measurementsTesche, Matthias; Müller, Detlef; Gross, Silke; Ansmann, Albert; Althausen, Dietrich; Freudenthaler, Volker; Weinzierl, Bernadett; Veira, Andreas; Petzold, Andreas
2017Properties of dust aerosol particles transported to Portugal from the Sahara desertWagner, Frank; Bortoli, Daniele; Pereira, Sérgio; Costa, Maria João; Silva, Ana Maria; Weinzierl, Bernadett; Esselborn, Michael; Petzold, Andreas; Rasp, Kathi; Heinold, Bernd; Tegen, Ina
2017Regional modelling of Saharan dust and biomass-burning smoke, Part I: Model description and evaluationHeinold, Bernd; Tegen, Ina; Schepanski, Kerstin; Tesche, Matthias; Esselborn, Michael; Freudenthaler, Volker; Gross, Silke; Kandler, Konrad; Knippertz, Peter; Müller, Detlef; Schladitz, Alexander; Toledano, Carlos; Weinzierl, Bernadett; Ansmann, Albert; Althausen, Dietrich; Müller, Thomas; Petzold, Andreas; Wiedensohler, Alfred
2017Regional Saharan dust modelling during the SAMUM 2006 campaignHeinold, Bernd; Tegen, Ina; Esselborn, Michael; Kandler, Konrad; Knippertz, Peter; Müller, Detlef; Schladitz, Alexander; Tesche, Matthias; Weinzierl, Bernadett; Ansmann, Albert; Althausen, Dietrich; Laurent, Benoit; Massling, Andreas; Müller, Thomas; Petzold, Andreas; Schepanski, Kerstin; Wiedensohler, Alfred
2011Saharan Mineral Dust Experiments SAMUM-1 and SAMUM-2: What have we learned?Ansmann, Albert; Petzold, Andreas; Kandler, Konrad; Tegen, Ina; Wendisch, Manfred; Müller, Detlef; Weinzierl, Bernadett; Müller, Thomas; Heintzenberg, Jost
2017Spatial distribution and optical properties of Saharan dust observed by airborne high spectral resolution lidar during SAMUM 2006Esselborn, Michael; Wirth, Martin; Fix, Andreas; Weinzierl, Bernadett; Rasp, Katharina; Tesche, Matthias; Petzold, Andreas
2020Towards Operational Research Infrastructures with FAIR Data and ServicesZhao, Zhiming; Jeffery, Keith; Stocker, Markus; Atkinson, Malcolm; Petzold, Andreas; Zhao, Zhiming; Hellström, Margareta