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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015An automated field phenotyping pipeline for application in grapevine researchKicherer, Anna; Herzog, Katja; Pflanz, Michael; Wieland, Markus; Rüger, Philipp; Kecke, Steffen; Kuhlmann, Heiner; Töpfer, Reinhard
2022Deep Learning Object Detection for Image Analysis of Cherry Fruit Fly (Rhagoletis cerasi L.) on Yellow Sticky TrapsSalamut, Christian; Kohnert, Iris; Landwehr, Niels; Pflanz, Michael; Schirrmann, Michael; Zare, Mohammad
2020Growth Height Determination of Tree Walls for Precise Monitoring in Apple Fruit Production Using UAV PhotogrammetryHobart, Marius; Pflanz, Michael; Weltzien, Cornelia; Schirrmann, Michael
2016Monitoring Agronomic Parameters of Winter Wheat Crops with Low-Cost UAV ImagerySchirrmann, Michael; Giebel, Antje; Gleiniger, Franziska; Pflanz, Michael; Lentschke, Jan; Dammer, Karl-Heinz
2021Optimized Deep Learning Model as a Basis for Fast UAV Mapping of Weed Species in Winter Wheat Cropsde Camargo, Tibor; Schirrmann, Michael; Landwehr, Niels; Dammer, Karl-Heinz; Pflanz, Michael
2017Regression kriging for improving crop height models fusing ultra-sonic sensing with UAV imagerySchirrmann, Michael; Hamdorf, André; Giebel, Antje; Gleiniger, Franziska; Pflanz, Michael; Dammer, Karl-Heinz
2013Spectral shift as advanced index for fruit chlorophyll breakdownSeifert, Birgit; Pflanz, Michael; Zude, Manuela
2018-9-24Weed Mapping with UAS Imagery and a Bag of Visual Words Based Image ClassifierPflanz, Michael; Nordmeyer, Henning; Schirrmann, Michael