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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Agricultural Water Management in BrandenburgDrastig, Katrin; Prochnow, Annette; Baumecker, Michael; Berg, Werner; Brunsch, Reiner
2021Case Study of Effects of Mineral N Fertilization Amounts on Water Productivity in Rainfed Winter Rapeseed Cultivation on a Sandy Soil in Brandenburg (Germany) over Three YearsDrastig, Katrin; Kreidenweis, Ulrich; Meyer-Aurich, Andreas; Ammon, Christian; Prochnow, Annette
2016Comparative advantage of maize- and grass-silage based feedstock for biogas production with respect to greenhouse gas mitigationMeyer-Aurich, Andreas; Lochmann, Yulia; Klauss, Hilde; Prochnow, Annette
2016CUDe — Carbon utilization degree as an indicator for sustainable biomass useAnja Hansen, Anja Hansen; Budde, Jörn; Karatay, Yusuf Nadi; Prochnow, Annette
2016Drinking and cleaning water use in a dairy cow barnKrauß, Michael; Drastig, Katrin; Prochnow, Annette; Rose-Meierhöfer, Sandra; Kraatz, Simone
2015Energy balance, greenhouse gas emissions, and profitability of thermobarical pretreatment of cattle waste in anaerobic digestionBudde, Jörn; Prochnow, Annette; Plöchl, Matthias; Suárez Quiñones, Teresa; Heiermann, Monika
2011Energy balances and greenhouse gas emissions of palm oil biodiesel in IndonesiaHarsono, Soni Sisbudi; Prochnow, Annette; Grundmann, Philipp; Hansen, Anja; Hallmann, Claudia
2016Profitability of management systems on German fenlandsRebhann, Marco; Karatay, Yusuf Nadi; Filler, Günther; Prochnow, Annette
2016Resource usage strategies and trade-offs between cropland demand, fossil fuel consumption, and greenhouse gas emissions - building insulation as an exampleHansen, Anja; Budde, Jörn; Prochnow, Annette