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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020The Electronic Conductivity of Single Crystalline Ga-Stabilized Cubic Li7La3Zr2O12: A Technologically Relevant Parameter for All-Solid-State BatteriesPhilipp, Martin; Gadermaier, Bernhard; Posch, Patrick; Hanzu, Ilie; Ganschow, Steffen; Meven, Martin; Rettenwander, Daniel; Redhammer, Günther J.; Wilkening, H. Martin R.
2021Investigating the electrochemical stability of Li7La3Zr2O12 solid electrolytes using field stress experimentsSmetaczek, Stefan; Pycha, Eva; Ring, Joseph; Siebenhofer, Matthäus; Ganschow, Steffen; Berendts, Stefan; Nenning, Andreas; Kubicek, Markus; Rettenwander, Daniel; Limbeck, Andreas; Fleig, Jürgen
2020Ion dynamics in Al-Stabilized Li7La3Zr2O12 single crystals – Macroscopic transport and the elementary steps of ion hoppingPosch, Patrick; Lunghammer, Sarah; Berendts, Stefan; Ganschow, Steffen; Redhammer, Günther J.; Wilkening, Alexandra; Lerch, Martin; Gadermaier, Bernhard; Rettenwander, Daniel; Wilkening, H. Martin R.
2022Li+/H+ exchange of Li7La3Zr2O12 single and polycrystals investigated by quantitative LIBS depth profilingSmetaczek, Stefan; Limbeck, Andreas; Zeller, Veronika; Ring, Joseph; Ganschow, Steffen; Rettenwander, Daniel; Fleig, Jürgen
2018Lithium metal penetration induced by electrodeposition through solid electrolytes: Example in single-crystal Li6La3ZrTaO12 garnetSwamy, Tushar; Park, Richard; Sheldon, Brian W.; Rettenwander, Daniel; Porz, Lukas; Berendts, Stefan; Uecker, Reinhard; Carter, W. Craig; Chiang, Yet-Ming
2020The natural critical current density limit for Li7La3Zr2O12 garnetsFlatscher, Florian; Philipp, Martin; Ganschow, Steffen; Wilkening, H. Martin R.; Rettenwander, Daniel
2021Single-crystal neutron and X-ray diffraction study of garnet-type solid-state electrolyte Li6La3ZrTaO12: An in situ temperature-dependence investigation (2.5 ≤ T ≤ 873 K)Redhammer, Günther J.; Meven, Martin; Ganschow, Steffen; Tippelt, Gerold; Rettenwander, Daniel