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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Aerosols-cloud microphysics-thermodynamics-turbulence: Evaluating supersaturation in a marine stratocumulus cloudDitas, F.; Shaw, R.A.; Siebert, H.; Simmel, M.; Wehner, B.; Wiedensohler, A.
2011Experimental study of the role of physicochemical surface processing on the IN ability of mineral dust particlesNiedermeier, D.; Hartmann, S.; Clauss, T.; Wex, H.; Kiselev, A.; Sullivan, R.C.; DeMott, P.J.; Petters, M.D.; Reitz, P.; Schneider, J.; Mikhailov, E.; Sierau, B.; Stetzer, O.; Reimann, B.; Bundke, U.; Shaw, R.A.; Buchholz, A.; Mentel, T.F.; Stratmann, F.
2013The fine-scale structure of the trade wind cumuli over Barbados – An introduction to the CARRIBA projectSiebert, H.; Beals, M.; Bethke, J.; Bierwirth, E.; Conrath, T.; Dieckmann, K.; Ditas, F.; Ehrlich, A.; Farrell, D.; Hartmann, S.; Izaguirre, M.A.; Katzwinkel, J.; Nuijens, L.; Roberts, G.; Schäfer, M.; Shaw, R.A.; Schmeissner, T.; Serikov, I.; Stevens, B.; Stratmann, F.; Wehner, B.; Wendisch, M.; Werner, F.; Wex, H.
2010Heterogeneous freezing of droplets with immersed mineral dust particles – measurements and parameterizationNiedermeier, D.; Hartmann, S.; Shaw, R.A.; Covert, D.; Mentel, T.F.; Schneider, J.; Mentel, T.F.; Poulain, L.; Reitz, P.; Spindler, C.; Clauss, T.; Kiselev, A.; Hallbauer, E.; Wex, H.; Mildenberger, K.; Stratmann, F.
2011Heterogeneous ice nucleation: Exploring the transition from stochastic to singular freezing behaviorNiedermeier, D.; Shaw, R.A.; Hartmann, S.; Wex, H.; Clauss, T.; Voigtländer, J.; Stratmann, F.
2015High-resolution measurement of cloud microphysics and turbulence at a mountaintop stationSiebert, H.; Shaw, R.A.; Ditas, J.; Schmeissner, T.; Malinowski, S.P.; Bodenschatz, E.; Xu, H.
2011Homogeneous and heterogeneous ice nucleation at LACIS: Operating principle and theoretical studiesHartmann, S.; Niedermeier, D.; Voigtländer, J.; Clauss, T.; Shaw, R.A.; Wex, H.; Kiselev, A.; Stratmann, F.
2012Observation of a Self-Limiting, Shear-Induced Turbulent Inversion Layer Above Marine StratocumulusKatzwinkel, J.; Siebert, H.; Shaw, R.A.
2015Observations of new particle formation in enhanced UV irradiance zones near cumulus cloudsWehner, B.; Werner, F.; Ditas, F.; Shaw, R.A.; Kulmala, M.; Siebert, H.
2010Observations of turbulence-induced new particle formation in the residual layerWehner, B.; Siebert, H.; Ansmann, A.; Ditas, F.; Seifert, P.; Stratmann, F.; Wiedensohler, A.; Apituley, A.; Shaw, R.A.; Manninen, H.E.; Kulmala, M.
2015Schneefernerhaus as a mountain research station for clouds and turbulenceRisius, S.; Xu, H.; Di Lorenzo, F.; Xi, H.; Siebert, H.; Shaw, R.A.; Bodenschatz, E.