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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Bericht vom 4. VIVO-Workshop 2019Altemeier, Franziska; Hauschke, Christian; Fraumann, Grischa; Schön, Petra; Schunk, Daniel; Triggs, Graham; Walther, Tatiana
2017Einführung in das Forschungsinformationssystem VIVO : Hands-On-Lab auf dem 6. Deutschen BibliothekartagBarber, Martin; Hauschke, Christian; Walther, Tatiana
2017Integrating distributed data sources in VIVO via lookup servicesWalther, Tatiana; Barber, Martin
2017Lost in translation – challenges of tailoring VIVO to the needs of the German scholarly landscapeHauschke, Christian; Barber, Martin; Kasprzik, Anna; Walther, Tatiana
2018Reporting / KDSF und VIVOHauschke, Christian; Walther, Tatiana
2019The Research Core Dataset (KDSF) in the Linked Data contextWalther, Tatiana; Hauschke, Christian; Kasprzik, Anna; Sicilia, Miguel-Angel; Simons, Ed; Clements, Anna; de Castro, Pablo; Bergström, Johan
2017TIB-FIS-Discovery - VIVO at the German National Library of Science and Technology (TIB)Hauschke, Christian; Barber, Martin; Walther, Tatiana
2017TIB-FIS-Discovery: VIVO an der TIBWalther, Tatiana
2017Umsetzung des KDSF-Datenmodells in VIVOWalther, Tatiana; Hauschke, Christian
2018VIVO - eine EinführungHauschke, Christian; Walther, Tatiana
2017VIVO - eine EinführungHauschke, Christian; Walther, Tatiana
2016VIVO Lab at the German National Library of Science and Technology: Review and outlookWalther, Tatiana; Blümel, Ina; Heller, Lambert
2018VIVO-Entwicklungen an der TIB HannoverWalther, Tatiana; Qazi Asim Ijaz, Ahmad; Triggs, Graham