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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Air-stable redox-active nanomagnets with lanthanide spins radical-bridged by a metal–metal bondLiu, F.; Velkos, G.; Krylov, D.S.; Spree, L.; Zalibera, M.; Ray, R.; Samoylova, N.A.; Chen, C.-H.; Rosenkranz, M.; Schiemenz, S.; Ziegs, F.; Nenkov, K.; Kostanyan, A.; Greber, T.; Wolter, A.U.B.; Richter, M.; Büchner, B.; Avdoshenko, S.M.; Popov, A.A.
2018Pressure-induced dimerization and valence bond crystal formation in the Kitaev-Heisenberg magnet α-RuCl3Bastien, G.; Garbarino, G.; Yadav, R.; Martinez-Casado, F.J.; Beltrán, Rodríguez, R.; Stahl, Q.; Kusch, M.; Limandri, S.P.; Ray, R.; Lampen-Kelley, P.; Mandrus, D.G.; Nagler, S.E.; Roslova, M.; Isaeva, A.; Doert, T.; Hozoi, L.; Wolter, A.U.B.; Büchner, B.; Geck, J.; Van Den Brink, J.
2017Single molecule magnet with an unpaired electron trapped between two lanthanide ions inside a fullereneLiu, F.; Krylov, D.S.; Spree, L.; Avdoshenko, S.M.; Samoylova, N.A.; Rosenkranz, M.; Kostanyan, A.; Greber, T.; Wolter, A.U.B.; Büchner, B.; Popov, A.A.
2019Spin-glass state and reversed magnetic anisotropy induced by Cr doping in the Kitaev magnet α-RuCl3Bastien, G.; Roslova, M.; Haghighi, M.H.; Mehlawat, K.; Hunger, J.; Isaeva, A.; Doert, T.; Vojta, M.; Büchner, B.; Wolter, A.U.B.
2016Spin-orbit coupling control of anisotropy, ground state and frustration in 5d2 Sr2MgOsO6Morrow, Ryan; Taylor, Alice E.; Singh, D.J.; Xiong, Jie; Rodan, Steven; Wolter, A.U.B.; Wurmehl, Sabine; Büchner, Bernd; Stone, M.B.; Kolesnikov, A.I.; Aczel, Adam A.; Christianson, A.D.; Woodward, Patrick M.
2019Topological Electronic Structure and Intrinsic Magnetization in MnBi4Te7: A Bi2Te3 Derivative with a Periodic Mn SublatticeVidal, R.C.; Zeugner, A.; Facio, J.I.; Ray, R.; Haghighi, M.H.; Wolter, A.U.B.; Corredor, Bohorquez, L.T.; Caglieris, F.; Moser, S.; Figgemeier, T.; Peixoto, T.R.F.; Vasili, H.B.; Valvidares, M.; Jung, S.; Cacho, C.; Alfonsov, A.; Mehlawat, K.; Kataev, V.; Hess, C.; Richter, M.; Büchner, B.; Van Den Brink, J.; Ruck, M.; Reinert, F.; Bentmann, H.; Isaeva, A.