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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018Adaptation required to preserve future high-end river flood risk at present levelsWillner, S.N.; Levermann, A.; Zhao, F.; Frieler, K.
2016Global and regional variability and change in terrestrial ecosystems net primary production and NDVI: A model-data comparisonRafique, R.; Zhao, F.; De Jong, R.; Zeng, N.; Asrar, G.R.
2013Historical and idealized climate model experiments: An intercomparison of Earth system models of intermediate complexityEby, M.; Weaver, A.J.; Alexander, K.; Zickfeld, K.; Abe-Ouchi, A.; Cimatoribus, A.A.; Crespin, E.; Drijfhout, S.S.; Edwards, N.R.; Eliseev, A.V.; Feulner, G.; Fichefet, T.; Forest, C.E.; Goosse, H.; Holden, P.B.; Joos, F.; Kawamiya, M.; Kicklighter, D.; Kienert, H.; Matsumoto, K.; Mokhov, I.I.; Monier, E.; Olsen, S.M.; Pedersen, J.O.P.; Perrette, M.; Philippon-Berthier, G.; Ridgwell, A.; Schlosser, A.; Schneider von Deimling, T.; Shaffer, G.; Smith, R.S.; Spahni, R.; Sokolov, A.P.; Steinacher, M.; Tachiiri, K.; Tokos, K.; Yoshimori, M.; Zeng, N.; Zhao, F.
2018Human impact parameterizations in global hydrological models improve estimates of monthly discharges and hydrological extremes: A multi-model validation studyVeldkamp, T.I.E.; Zhao, F.; Ward, P.J.; de Moel, H.; Aerts, J.C.J.H.; Müller Schmied, H.; Portmann, F.T.; Masaki, Y.; Pokhrel, Y.; Liu, X.; Satoh, Y.; Gerten, D.; Gosling, S.N.; Zaherpour, J.; Wada, Y.
2016Potential and Actual impacts of deforestation and afforestation on land surface temperatureLi, Y.; Zhao, M.; Mildrexler, D.J.; Motesharrei, S.; Mu, Q.; Kalnay, E.; Zhao, F.; Li, S.; Wang, K.