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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20203D Printing of a Reactive Hydrogel Bio-Ink Using a Static Mixing ToolPuertas-Bartolomé, Maria; Włodarczyk-Biegun, Małgorzata K; del Campo, Aránzazu; Vázquez-Lasa, Blanca; San Román, Julio
2017Bifunctional hydrogels containing the laminin motif IKVAV promote neurogenesisFarrukh, Aleeza; Ortega, Felipe; Fan, Wenqiang; Marichal, Nicolás; Paez, Julieta I.; Berninger, Benedikt; del Campo, Aránzazu; Salierno, Marcelo J.
2018A bio-based route to the carbon-5 chemical glutaric acid and to bionylon-6,5 using metabolically engineered Corynebacterium glutamicumRohles, Christina Maria; Gläser, Lars; Kohlstedt, Michael; Gießelmann, Gideon; Pearson, Samuel; del Campo, Aránzazu; Becker, Judith; Wittmann, Christoph
2021Compliant Substrates Enhance Macrophage Cytokine Release and NLRP3 Inflammasome Formation During Their Pro-Inflammatory ResponseEscolano, Joan-Carles; Taubenberger, Anna V.; Abuhattum, Shada; Schweitzer, Christine; Farrukh, Aleeza; del Campo, Aránzazu; Bryant, Clare E.; Guck, Jochen
2021Development of bioactive catechol functionalized nanoparticles applicable for 3D bioprintingPuertas-Bartolomé, María; Włodarczyk-Biegun, Małgorzata K.; del Campo, Aránzazu; Vázquez-Lasa, Blanca; San Román, Julio
2022Elastomeric Optical Waveguides by Extrusion PrintingFeng, Jun; Zheng, Yijun; Jiang, Qiyang; Włodarczyk‐Biegun, Małgorzata K.; Pearson, Samuel; del Campo, Aránzazu
2021Light-Regulated Angiogenesis via a Phototriggerable VEGF PeptidomimeticNair, Roshna V.; Farrukh, Aleeza; del Campo, Aránzazu
2021Lighting the Path: Light Delivery Strategies to Activate Photoresponsive Biomaterials In VivoPearson, Samuel; Feng, Jun; del Campo, Aránzazu
2017Mechanically reinforced catechol-containing hydrogels with improved tissue gluing performanceFeng, Jun; Ton, Xuan-Anh; Zhao, Shifang; Paez, Julieta I.; del Campo, Aránzazu
2018Microenvironments designed to support growth and function of neuronal cellsFarrukh, Aleeza; Zhao, Shifang; del Campo, Aránzazu
2022Molecular stiffness cues of an interpenetrating network hydrogel for cell adhesionLi, Bin; Çolak, Arzu; Blass, Johanna; Han, Mitchell; Zhang, Jingnan; Zheng, Yijun; Jiang, Qiyang; Bennewitz, Roland; del Campo, Aránzazu
2018Monitoring the contact stress distribution of gecko-inspired adhesives using mechano-sensitive surface coatingsNeubauer, Jens W.; Xue, Longjian; Erath, Johann; Drotlef, Dirk-Michael; del Campo, Aránzazu; Fery, Andreas
2021Optoregulated force application to cellular receptors using molecular motorsZheng, Yijun; Han, Mitchell K.L.; Zhao, Renping; Blass, Johanna; Zhang, Jingnan; Zhou, Dennis W.; Colard-Itté, Jean-Rémy; Dattler, Damien; Çolak, Arzu; Hoth, Markus; García, Andrés J.; Qu, Bin; Bennewitz, Roland; Giuseppone, Nicolas; del Campo, Aránzazu
2018Photoactivatable Hsp47: A tool to control and regulate collagen secretion & assemblyKhan, Essak; Sankaran, Shrikrishnan; Paez, Julieta; Muth, Christina; Han, Mitchell; del Campo, Aránzazu
2020Printed Degradable Optical Waveguides for Guiding Light into TissueFeng, Jun; Zheng, Yijun; Bhusari, Shardul; Villiou, Maria; Pearson, Samuel; del Campo, Aránzazu
2022Regulating bacterial behavior within hydrogels of tunable viscoelasticityBhusari, Shardul; Sankaran, Shrikrishnan; del Campo, Aránzazu
2022Regulating Bacterial Behavior within Hydrogels of Tunable ViscoelasticityBhusari, Shardul; Sankaran, Shrikrishnan; del Campo, Aránzazu
2019Thiol-Methylsulfone Based Hydrogels: Enhanced Control on Gelation Kinetics for 3D Cell EncapsulationFarrukh, Aleeza; Włodarczyk-Biegun, Malgorzata K.; del Campo, Aránzazu