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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022B!SON: A Tool for Open Access Journal RecommendationEntrup, Elias; Eppelin, Anita; Ewerth, Ralph; Hartwig, Josephine; Tullney, Marco; Wohlgemuth, Michael; Hoppe, Anett; Nugent, Ronan
2018B-T phase diagram of Pd/Fe/Ir(111) computed with parallel tempering Monte CarloBöttcher, M.; Heinze, S.; Egorov, S.; Sinova, J.; Dupé, B.
2021B12X11(H2)−: exploring the limits of isotopologue selectivity of hydrogen adsorptionWulf, Toshiki; Warneke, Jonas; Heine, Thomas
2015Ba termination of Ge(001) studied with STMKoczorowski, W.; Grzela, T.; Radny, M.W.; Schofield, S.R.; Capellini, G.; Czajka, R.; Schroeder, T.; Curson, N.J.
2014Ba3YRu0.73(2)Al1.27(2)O8 and Ba5Y2Ru1.52(2)Al1.47(2)O 13.5: New perovskite ruthenates with partial octahedra replacementSchüpp-Niewa, Barbara; Shlyk, Larysa; Prots, Yurii; Krabbes, Gernot; Niewa, Rainer
2020Background Reduction in STED-FCS Using a Bivortex Phase MaskBarbotin, Aurélien; Urbančič, Iztok; Galiani, Silvia; Eggeling, Christian; Booth, Martin
2017Bacterial community and PHB-accumulating bacteria associated with the wall and specialized niches of the hindgut of the forest cockchafer (Melolontha hippocastani)Alonso-Pernas, Pol; Arias-Cordero, Erika; Novoselov, Alexey; Große, Christina; Rybak, Jürgen; Kaltenpoth, Martin; Westermann, Martin; Neugebauer, Ute; Boland, Wilhelm
2021Bacterial symbiont subpopulations have different roles in a deep-sea symbiosisHinzke, Tjorven; Kleiner, Manuel; Meister, Mareike; Schlüter, Rabea; Hentschker, Christian; Pané-Farré, Jan; Hildebrandt, Petra; Felbeck, Horst; Sievert, Stefan M; Bonn, Florian; Völker, Uwe; Becher, Dörte; Schweder, Thomas; Markert, Stephanie
2015Bactericidal Efficacy of Cold Plasma at Different Depths of Infected Root Canals In VitroHerbst, Sascha R.; Hertel, Moritz; Ballout, Husam; Pierdzioch, Philipp; Weltmann, Klaus-Dieter; Wirtz, Henrik C.; Abu-Sirhan, Shady; Kostka, Eckehard; Paris, Sebastian; Preissner, Saskia
2021Bacteriomimetic Liposomes Improve Antibiotic Activity of a Novel Energy-Coupling Factor Transporter InhibitorDrost, Menka; Diamanti, Eleonora; Fuhrmann, Kathrin; Goes, Adriely; Shams, Atanaz; Haupenthal, Jörg; Koch, Marcus; Hirsch, Anna K. H.; Fuhrmann, Gregor
2013BaFe2As2/Fe bilayers with [001]-tilt grain boundary on MgO and SrTiO3 bicrystal substratesIida, K.; Haindl, S.; Kurth, F.; Hänisch, J.; Schulz, L.; Holzapfel, B.
2014The Bain library: A Cu-Au buffer template for a continuous variation of lattice parameters in epitaxial filmsKauffmann-Weiss, S.; Hamann, S.; Reichel, L.; Siegel, A.; Alexandrakis, V.; Heller, R.; Schultz, L.; Ludwig, A.; Fähler, S.
2016Balanced truncation and singular perturbation approximation model order reduction for stochastically controlled linear systemsRedmann, Martin; Freitag, Melina A.
2013Balanced viscosity (BV) solutions to infinite-dimensional rate-independent systemsMielke, Alexander; Rossi, Riccarda; Savaré, Giuseppe
2014Balanced-Viscosity solutions for multi-rate systemsMielke, Alexander; Rossi, Riccarda; Savaré, Giuseppe
2021Balanced-Viscosity solutions to infinite-dimensional multi-rate systemsMielke, Alexander; Rossi, Riccarda
2021Balancing Health, Economy and Climate Risk in a Multi-CrisisNathwani, Jatin; Lind, Niels; Renn, Ortwin; Schellnhuber, Hans Joachim
2018Balancing trade-offs between ecosystem services in Germany's forests under climate changeGutsch, Martin; Lasch-Born, Petra; Kollas, Chris; Suckow, Felicitas; Reyer, Christopher P.O.
2020Bandwidth Improvement of MMIC Single-Pole-Double-Throw Passive HEMT Switches with Radial Stubs in Impedance-Transformation NetworksTsao, Yi-Fan; Würfl, Joachim; Hsu, Heng-Tung
2020Barrier properties of GnP-PA-extruded filmsBoldt, Regine; Leuteritz, Andreas; Schob, Daniela; Ziegenhorn, Matthias; Wagenknecht, Udo