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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-10-11High-Performance, Lightweight, and Flexible Thermoplastic Polyurethane Nanocomposites with Zn2+-Substituted CoFe2O4 Nanoparticles and Reduced Graphene Oxide as Shielding Materials against Electromagnetic PollutionAnju; Yadav, Raghvendra Singh; Pötschke, Petra; Pionteck, Jürgen; Krause, Beate; Kuřitka, Ivo; Vilcakova, Jarmila; Skoda, David; Urbánek, Pavel; Machovsky, Michal; Masař, Milan; Urbánek, Michal; Jurca, Marek; Kalina, Lukas; Havlica, Jaromir
2020-1-15Does the Type of Polymer and Carbon Nanotube Structure Control the Electromagnetic Shielding in Melt-Mixed Polymer Nanocomposites?Biswas, Sourav; Muzata, Tanyaradzwa S.; Krause, Beate; Rzeczkowski, Piotr; Pötschke, Petra; Bose, Suryasarathi
2019-12-7Screening of Different Carbon Nanotubes in Melt-Mixed Polymer Composites with Different Polymer Matrices for Their Thermoelectrical PropertiesKrause, Beate; Barbier, Carine; Levente, Juhasz; Klaus, Maxim; Pötschke, Petra
2022-1-11Thermoelectric Performance of Polypropylene/Carbon Nanotube/Ionic Liquid Composites and Its Dependence on Electron Beam IrradiationVoigt, Oliver; Krause, Beate; Pötschke, Petra; Müller, Michael T.; Wießner, Sven
2017-5-18Effect of Graphite Nanoplate Morphology on the Dispersion and Physical Properties of Polycarbonate Based CompositesMüller, Michael Thomas; Hilarius, Konrad; Liebscher, Marco; Lellinger, Dirk; Alig, Ingo; Pötschke, Petra
2021-3-15Polylactic Acid/Carbon Nanoparticle Composite Filaments for SensingSilva, Mariana M.; Lopes, Paulo E.; Li, Yilong; Pötschke, Petra; Ferreira, Fernando N.; Paiva, Maria C.