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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Origami-Inspired Shape Memory Folding MicroactuatorSeigner, Lena; Bezsmertna, Olha; Fähler, Sebastian; Tshikwand, Georgino; Wendler, Frank; Kohl, Manfred
2011Optimization of the energy deposition in glasses with temporally-shaped femtosecond laser pulsesMauclair, C.; Mishchik, K.; Mermillod-Blondin, A.; Rosenfeld, A.; Hertel, I.V.; Audouard, E.; Stoian, R.
2014Pattern transfer of sub-micrometre-scaled structures into solid copper by laser embossingEhrhardt, M.; Lorenz, P.; Lotnyk, A.; Romanus, H.; Thelander, E.; Zimmer, K.
2014Interaction of a free burning arc with regenerative protective layersUhrlandt, D.; Gorchakov, S.; Brueser, V.; Franke, S.; Khakpour, A.; Lisnyak, M.; Methling, R.; Schoenemann, T.
2013Formation dynamics of ultra-short laser induced micro-dots in the bulk of transparent materialsMermillod-Blondin, A.; Ashkenasi, D.; Lemke, A.; Schwagmeier, M.; Rosenfeld, A.
2012Laser Embossing of Micro-and Submicrometer Surface Structures in CopperEhrhardt, M.; Lorenz, P.; Frost, F.; Zimmer, K.
2014Influence of the arc plasma parameters on the weld pool profile in TIG weldingToropchin, A.; Frolov, V.; Pipa, A.V.; Kozakov, R.; Uhrlandt, D.
2012Laser-Induced front Side Etching: An Easy and Fast Method for Sub-μm Structuring of DielectricsLorenz, P.; Ehrhardt, M.; Zimmer, K.
2011Supramolecular assemblies of block copolymers as templates for fabrication of nanomaterialsNandan, B.; Kuila, B.K.; Stamm, M.
2014Deep Geothermal Energy for Lower Saxony (North Germany) – Combined Investigations of Geothermal Reservoir CharacteristicsHahne, Barbara; Thomas, Rüdiger; Bruckman, Viktor J.; Hangx, Suzanne; Ask, Maria