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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Glass-forming ability, phase formation and mechanical properties of glass-forming Cu-Hf-Zr alloysKosiba, K.; Song, K.; Kühn, U.; Wang, G.; Pauly, S.
2020Compositional complexity dependence of dislocation density and mechanical properties in high entropy alloy systemsThirathipviwat, P.; Song, G.; Bednarcik, J.; Kühn, U.; Gemming, T.; Nielsch, K.; Han, J.
2012Production and characterization of brass-matrix composites reinforced with Ni59Zr20Ti16Si2Sn3 glassy particlesKim, J.Y.; Scudino, S.; Kühn, U.; Kim, B.S.; Lee, M.H.; Eckert, J.
2020Microstructure, mechanical properties and machinability of particulate reinforced Al matrix composites: a comparative study between SiC particles and high-entropy alloy particlesLu, Tiwen; He, Tianbing; Li, Zixuan; Chen, Hongyu; Han, Xiaoliang; Fu, Zhiqiang; Chen, Weiping
2013Amyloids: From molecular structure to mechanical propertiesSchleeger, M.; Vandenakker, C.C.; Deckert-Gaudig, T.; Deckert, V.; Velikov, K.P.; Koenderink, G.; Bonn, M.
2015Two-dimensional membrane as elastic shell with proof on the folds revealed by three-dimensional atomic mappingZhao, Jiong; Deng, Qingming; Ly, Thuc Hue; Han, Gang Hee; Sandeep, Gorantla; Rümmeli, Mark H.
2018Strengthening of Al-Fe3Al composites by the generation of harmonic structuresShahid, R.N.; Scudino, S.
2018Ductile bulk metallic glass by controlling structural heterogeneitiesScudino, S.; Bian, J.J.; Shakur Shahabi, H.; Şopu, D.; Sort, J.; Eckert, J.; Liu, G.
2013A tensile deformation model for in-situ dendrite/metallic glass matrix compositesQiao, J.W.; Zhang, T.; Yang, F.Q.; Liaw, P.K.; Pauly, S.; Xu, B.S.
2014Correlation between atomic structure evolution and strength in a bulk metallic glass at cryogenic temperatureTan, J.; Wang, G.; Liu, Z.Y.; Bednarčík, J.; Gao, Y.L.; Zhai, Q.J.; Mattern, N.; Eckert, J.