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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Voltage‐Controlled Deblocking of Magnetization Reversal in Thin Films by Tunable Domain Wall Interactions and Pinning SitesZehner, Jonas; Soldatov, Ivan; Schneider, Sebastian; Heller, René; Khojasteh, Nasrin B.; Schiemenez, Sandra; Fähler, Sebastian; Nielsch, Kornelius; Schäfer, Rudolf; Leistner, Karin
2020Wettability control of polymeric microstructures replicated from laser-patterned stampsFu, Yangxi; Soldera, Marcos; Wang, Wei; Milles, Stephan; Deng, Kangfa; Voisiat, Bogdan; Nielsch, Kornelius; Lasagni, Andrés Fabian
2020Stress and Microstructure Evolution in Mo Thin Films without or with Cover Layers during Thermal-CyclingPark, Eunmi; Seifert, Marietta; Rane, Gayatri K.; Menzel, Siegfried B.; Gemming, Thomas; Nielsch, Kornelius
2021Efficient and affordable thermomagnetic materials for harvesting low grade waste heatDzekan, Daniel; Waske, Anja; Nielsch, Kornelius; Fähler, Sebastian
2020Signatures of a Charge Density Wave Phase and the Chiral Anomaly in the Fermionic Material Cobalt Monosilicide CoSiSchnatmann, Lauritz; Geishendorf, Kevin; Lammel, Michaela; Damm, Christine; Novikov, Sergey; Thomas, Andy; Burkov, Alexander; Reith, Heiko; Nielsch, Kornelius; Schierning, Gabi
2020Influencing Martensitic Transition in Epitaxial Ni-Mn-Ga-Co Films with Large Angle Grain BoundariesLünser, Klara; Diestel, Anett; Nielsch, Kornelius; Fähler, Sebastian
2020Analysis of the high-speed rotary motion of a superconducting magnetic bearing during ring spinningSparing, Maria; Espenhahn, Tilo; Fuchs, Günter; Hossain, Mahmud; Abdkader, Anwar; Nielsch, Kornelius; Cherif, Chokri; Hühne, Ruben
2020Building Hierarchical MartensiteSchwabe, Stefan; Niemann, Robert; Backen, Anja; Wolf, Daniel; Damm, Christine; Walter, Tina; Seiner, Hanuš; Heczko, Oleg; Nielsch, Kornelius; Fähler, Sebastian
2020Thermoelectric Characterization Platform for Electrochemically Deposited MaterialsBarati, Vida; Garcia Fernandez, Javier; Geishendorf, Kevin; Schnatmann, Lauritz Ule; Lammel, Michaela; Kunzmann, Alexander; Pérez, Nicolás; Li, Guodong; Schierning, Gabi; Nielsch, Kornelius; Reith, Heiko
2020Doping High-Mobility Donor : Acceptor Copolymer Semiconductors with an Organic Salt for High-Performance Thermoelectric MaterialsGuo, Jing; Li, Guodong; Reith, Heiko; Jiang, Lang; Wang, Ming; Li, Yuhao; Wang, Xinhao; Zeng, Zebing; Zhao, Huaizhou; Lu, Xinhui; Schierning, Gabi; Nielsch, Kornelius; Liao, Lei; Hu, Yuanyuan