Impedimetric Microfluidic Sensor-in-a-Tube for Label-Free Immune Cell Analysis


Analytical platforms based on impedance spectroscopy are promising for non-invasive and label-free analysis of single cells as well as of their extracellular matrix, being essential to understand cell function in the presence of certain diseases. Here, an innovative rolled-up impedimetric microfulidic sensor, called sensor-in-a-tube, is introduced for the simultaneous analysis of single human monocytes CD14+ and their extracellular medium upon liposaccharides (LPS)-mediated activation. In particular, rolled-up platinum microelectrodes are integrated within for the static and dynamic (in-flow) detection of cells and their surrounding medium (containing expressed cytokines) over an excitation frequency range from 102 to 5 × 106 Hz. The correspondence between cell activation stages and the electrical properties of the cell surrounding medium have been detected by electrical impedance spectroscopy in dynamic mode without employing electrode surface functionalization or labeling. The designed sensor-in-a-tube platform is shown as a sensitive and reliable tool for precise single cell analysis toward immune-deficient diseases diagnosis.

electrical impedance spectroscopy, lab-in-a-tube, label-free sensor, shapeable materials technologies, single-cell analysis
Egunov, A. I., Dou, Z., Karnaushenko, D. D., Hebenstreit, F., Kretschmann, N., Akgün, K., et al. (2021). Impedimetric Microfluidic Sensor-in-a-Tube for Label-Free Immune Cell Analysis. 17(5).
CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 Unported