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    PID Network Deutschland: Netzwerk für die Förderung von persistenten Identifikatoren in Wissenschaft und Kultur
    (Potsdam : Helmholtz Open Science Office, 2023) Bertelmann, Roland; Buys, Matthew; Kett, Jürgen; Pampel, Heinz; Pieper, Dirk; Scholze, Frank; Sens, Irina; Burger, Felix; Dreyer, Britta; Glagla-Dietz, Stephanie; Hagemann- Wilholt, Stephanie; Hartmann, Sarah; Schrader, Antonia C.; Schirrwagen, Jochen; Summann, Friedrich; Vierkant, Paul
    [No abstract available]
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    Concept for Setting up the Persistent Identifier Services Working Group in the NFDI Section "Common Infrastructures"
    (Zenodo, 2022) Bingert, Sven; Brase, Jan; Burger, Felix; Dreyer, Britta; Hagemann-Wilholt, Stephanie; Vierkant, Paul; Wieder, Philipp
    The aim of this NFDI working group is to develop a common strategy for the implementation and extension of PID services that is closely aligned with the needs of NFDI consortia. Resulting solutions should enable FAIR research workflows balancing out generic metadata requirements for PIDs that maximise resource discoverability on the one hand and subject-specific needs on the other. At the technical level, the partners want to realise interoperability between PID types and established systems and build on a high level of maturity here; jointly developed services should be able to be rolled out for the entire NFDI.