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    Baroque AI
    (Zenodo, 2023) Worthington, Simon; Blümel, Ina
    Publication prototype: A computational publishing and AI assisted writing course unit with students of the Open Knowledge class – at Hochschule Hannover with the Open Science Lab, TIB. The prototype publication exercise involves creating a fictional ‘exhibition catalogue’ drawing on Wikidata based cataloguing of seventeenth century painting deposited by the Bavarian State Painting Collections. The prototype demostrates how computational publishing can be used to bring together different distributed linked open data (LOD) sources. Additionally AI tools are used for assisted essay writing. Then both are encapsulated in a multi-format computational publication — allowing for asynchronous collaborative working. Distributed LOD sources include: Wikidata/base, Nextcloud, Thoth, Semantic Kompakkt, and TIB AV Portal. AI tools used for essay writing are — OpenAI and Perplexity. Eleven students completed the class unit which was carried out over March to April 2023. An open access OER guide to running the class, a template publication for use in the class are online on GitHub and designed for OER reuse. Full class information and resources are on Wikiversity. The open source software used is brought together in the ADA Pipeline.