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    LIBER Webinar: Citizen Science At Universities: Trends, Guidelines and Recommendations
    (Meyrin : CERN, 2020-06-10) Kaarsted, Thomas; Overgaard, Anne Kathrine; Ignat, Tiberius; Worthington, Simon
    A number of European recommendations - including the LERU’s advice paper "Citizen Science at Universities: Trends, Guidelines and Recommendations" - highlight the importance of creating a single point of contact for citizen science within the institution. In this webinar, organised by LIBER`s Citizen Science Working Group, four speakers share what they are doing to devise just the right solution through a three-fold approach: Current trends within Citizen Science at universities; A template for a Citizen Science Single Contact Point which your institution could start developing; A snapshot of the forthcoming Research Librarian’s Guide to Citizen Science and the possible roles research libraries could adopt to move the citizen science activities forward.