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    ConfIDent: Enter the Feedback Loop
    (Meyrin : CERN, 2020-01-29) Strömert, Philip
    Slides from session at PIDapalooza2020, January 29th 2020, Lisbon, Portugal.
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    Conference Identifiers : the story so far and how to proceed
    (Meyrin : CERN, 2020-02-07) Franken, Julian; Strömert, Philip; Eckert, Kai; Benchekroun, Sami
    The Conference ID working group has a simple goal: identify conferences in a landscape of many similarly named organizations and constantly changing elements like organizers, names, publishers and so on. The idea is simple, the implementation not so much. In this session, we would like to introduce briefly the current state of the working group, as well as some current issues for the audience to be discussed. Issues include for example: Are use cases for conference identifiers missing? What identifiers to use? Who should manage the issuing of the identifiers? How do we promote the new identifiers?