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    Optimization of the energy deposition in glasses with temporally-shaped femtosecond laser pulses
    (Amsterdam [u.a.] : Elsevier, 2011) Mauclair, C.; Mishchik, K.; Mermillod-Blondin, A.; Rosenfeld, A.; Hertel, I.V.; Audouard, E.; Stoian, R.
    Bulk machining of glasses with femtosecond laser pulses enables the fabrication of embedded optical functions. Due to the nonlinear character of the laser-matter interaction, structural modifications can occur within the focal region. To reach a full control of the process, ways of controlling the deposition of the laser energy inside the material have to be unveiled. From static and time-resolved pictures of bulk-excitation of a-SiO2 and borosilicate glass, we show that particular laser temporal shapes such as picosecond sequences can better confine the energy deposition than the femtosecond sequence by reducing the propagation artifacts.