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    Computational Simulations of the Lateral-Photovoltage-Scanning-Method
    (London [u.a.] : Institute of Physics, 2018) Kayser, S.; Lüdge, A.; Böttcher, K.
    The major task for the Lateral-Photovoltage-Scanning-Method is to detect doping striations and the shape of the solid-liquid-interface of an indirect semiconductor crystal. This method is sensitive to the gradient of the charge carrier density. Attempting to simulate the signal generation of the LPS-Method, we are using a three dimensional Finite Volume approach for solving the van Roosbroeck equations with COMSOL Multiphysics in a silicon sample. We show that the simulated LPS-voltage is directly proportional to the gradient of a given doping distribution, which is also the case for the measured LPS-voltage.
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    Relaxation of Coulomb States in semiconductors probed by FEL radiation
    (Les Ulis : EDP Sciences, 2018) Zhukavin, R.Kh.; Kovalevsky, K.A.; Tsyplenkov, V.V.; Pavlov, S.G.; Hübers, H-W.; Choporova, Yu.Yu.; Knyazev, B.A.; Klopf, J.M.; Redlich, B.; Abrosimov, N.V.; Astrov, Yu.A.; Shastin, V.N.; Silaev, A.A.
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