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    Soft Inkjet Circuits: Rapid Multi-Material Fabrication of Soft Circuits using a Commodity Inkjet Printer
    (New York City : Association for Computing Machinery, 2019) Khan, Arshad; Roo, Joan Sol; Kraus, Tobias; Steimle, Jürgen
    Despite the increasing popularity of soft interactive devices, their fabrication remains complex and time consuming. We contribute a process for rapid do-it-yourself fabrication of soft circuits using a conventional desktop inkjet printer. It supports inkjet printing of circuits that are stretchable, ultrathin, high resolution, and integrated with a wide variety of materials used for prototyping. We introduce multi-ink functional printing on a desktop printer for realizing multi-material devices, including conductive and isolating inks. We further present DIY techniques to enhance compatibility between inks and substrates and the circuits' elasticity. This enables circuits on a wide set of materials including temporary tattoo paper, textiles, and thermoplastic. Four application cases demonstrate versatile uses for realizing stretchable devices, e-textiles, body-based and re-shapeable interfaces.
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    ISense: A portable ultracold-atom-based gravimeter
    (Amsterdam : Elsevier, 2011) de Angelis, M.; Angonin, M.C.; Beaufils, Q.; Becker, Ch.; Bertoldi, A.; Bongs, K.; Bourdel, T.; Bouyer, P.; Boyer, V.; Dörscher, S.; Duncker, H.; Ertmer, W.; Fernholz, T.; Fromhold, T.M.; Herr, W.; Krüger, P.; Kürbis, Ch.; Mellor, C.J.; Pereira Dos Santos, F.; Peters, A.; Poli, N.; Popp, M.; Prevedelli, M.; Rasel, E.M.; Rudolph, J.; Schreck, F.; Sengstock, K.; Sorrentino, F.; Stellmer, S.; Tino, G.M.; Valenzuela, T.; Wendrich, T.J.; Wicht, A.; Windpassinger, P.; Wolf, P.
    We present iSense, a recently initiated FET project aiming to use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to develop a platform for portable quantum sensors based on cold atoms. A prototype of backpack-size highprecision force sensor will be built to demonstrate the concept.