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    Short Communication: the Influence of Air-Abrasive Trimming on the Current Noise of Thick Film Resistors
    (London [u.a.] : Gordon & Breach, 1984) Wolf, M.
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    On Experimental Data of the Tcr of Tfrs and Their Relation to Theoretical Models of Conduction Mechanism
    (London [u.a.] : Gordon & Breach, 1985) Storbeck, I.; Wolf, M.
    Any theory of electrical conduction in TFRs encounters mainly two problems: (i) explanation of the dependence of R□ on properties of conducting component (volume fraction, grain size, resistivity), (ii) explanation of the temperature dependence of R□ taking into account (i). In order to achieve this one has to fit some microscopic parameters to experimental R□-and TCR-values, and to check if they are reasonable or not. The aim of the following discussion is to show, that such a fitting by means of experimental TCR-values is not correct. This is due to the fact that TCR-behaviour, as is well known, is determined also by the dependence of resistivity on strain. But any theoretical model neglects strains, also those who are induced by thermal strains. By means of published experiments concerning the strain dependence of resistance, the magnitude is estimated by which the TCR-values have to be corrected for the described fit.