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Title: Survey on Big Data Applications
Authors: Janev, ValentinaPujić, DeaJelić, MarkoVidal, Maria-Esther
Editors: Janev, ValentinaGraux, DamienJabeen, HajiraSallinger, Emanuel
Publishers version:
Issue Date: 2020
Published in: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Book: Knowledge Graphs and Big Data Processing
Publisher: Cham : Springer
Abstract: The goal of this chapter is to shed light on different types of big data applications needed in various industries including healthcare, transportation, energy, banking and insurance, digital media and e-commerce, environment, safety and security, telecommunications, and manufacturing. In response to the problems of analyzing large-scale data, different tools, techniques, and technologies have bee developed and are available for experimentation. In our analysis, we focused on literature (review articles) accessible via the Elsevier ScienceDirect service and the Springer Link service from more recent years, mainly from the last two decades. For the selected industries, this chapter also discusses challenges that can be addressed and overcome using the semantic processing approaches and knowledge reasoning approaches discussed in this book.
Keywords: LAMBDA Project; Big Data; Literature
Type: bookPart; Text
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DDC: 004
License: CC BY 4.0 Unported
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Janev, Valentina, Dea Pujić, Marko Jelić and Maria-Esther Vidal, 2020. Survey on Big Data Applications. In: (Hrsg.)Valentina Janev, Damien Graux, Hajira Jabeen and Emanuel Sallinger. Cham : Springer. ISBN 978-3-030-53198-0
Janev, V., Pujić, D., Jelić, M. and Vidal, M.-E. (2020) “Survey on Big Data Applications.” Cham : Springer. doi:
Janev V, Pujić D, Jelić M, Vidal M-E. Survey on Big Data Applications. In: , editorJanev V, Graux D, Jabeen H, Sallinger E. Cham : Springer; 2020.
Janev, V., Pujić, D., Jelić, M., & Vidal, M.-E. (2020). Survey on Big Data Applications. Cham : Springer.
Janev V, Pujić D, Jelić M, Vidal M-E. Survey on Big Data Applications. In: , ed.Janev V, Graux D, Jabeen H, Sallinger E Vol. 12072. Cham : Springer; 2020. doi:

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