Towards Customizable Chart Visualizations of Tabular Data Using Knowledge Graphs

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science
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Digital Libraries at Times of Massive Societal Transition
Cham : Springer

Scientific articles are typically published as PDF documents, thus rendering the extraction and analysis of results a cumbersome, error-prone, and often manual effort. New initiatives, such as ORKG, focus on transforming the content and results of scientific articles into structured, machine-readable representations using Semantic Web technologies. In this article, we focus on tabular data of scientific articles, which provide an organized and compressed representation of information. However, chart visualizations can additionally facilitate their comprehension. We present an approach that employs a human-in-the-loop paradigm during the data acquisition phase to define additional semantics for tabular data. The additional semantics guide the creation of chart visualizations for meaningful representations of tabular data. Our approach organizes tabular data into different information groups which are analyzed for the selection of suitable visualizations. The set of suitable visualizations serves as a user-driven selection of visual representations. Additionally, customization for visual representations provides the means for facilitating the understanding and sense-making of information.

Wiens, V., Stocker, M., & Auer, S. (2020). Towards Customizable Chart Visualizations of Tabular Data Using Knowledge Graphs (Cham : Springer; E. Ishita, N. L. S. Pang, & L. Zhou, eds.) [E. Ishita, N. L. S. Pang, & L. Zhou, eds.]. Cham : Springer.
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