RADAR - A repository for long tail data

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The way knowledge is shared is experiencing a paradigm shift: Digital networks allow new degrees of openness for research and its resources, accompanied by a huge potential for scientists, inventors, industry and the general public. Accessible data will allow all groups to participate in innovation and value creation regardless of their geographical location or individual background. However, for researchers who are evaluated by their academic performance and scientific excellence, there is a fine balance between benefits and concerns regarding the openness of resources such as knowledge and data. With the Research Data Repository (RADAR) project we provide solutions to maintain this balance: In RADAR, an interdisciplinary infrastructure for the preservation, publication, creditability and traceability of research data from the fields of the 'long tail of science' is developed. Here we present the first RADAR prototype: A robust, generic end-point data repository which enables clients to preserve research results up to 15 years and assign well-graded access rights, or to publish and preserve data with a DOI assignment for an unlimited period of time. Potential clients include libraries, research institutions, publishers and open platforms which require an adaptable digital infrastructure to archive and publish data according to their institutional needs and workflows.

In a nutshell, RADAR can help clients to handle following issues:

  • Secure storage of research data.
  • Preservation of information after a project is completed, a grant ends or employees leave.
  • Traceable and citable data publication across communities via a discipline-agnostic metadata scheme.
  • Ensuring that data are ‘stable’ after publication e.g. to allow accurate comparisons later.
  • Provision of data management services for their customers up front while using RADAR as a back-end system.
repository, preservation, information infrastructure, research data management, data storage
Kraft, A., & Neumann, J. (2015). RADAR - A repository for long tail data.
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